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u-Physical Animal State
a-Dream Archetype State
ai-Emotional Possessive State
i-Simple Robot State
ia-Reflective Sacrificing State
z-No Thought State
e-Synchronistic Love State
o-Holistic Holy State

to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood God.– from Step 3 of “THE TWELVE STEPS” of Alcoholic Anonymous
Runik Church bell from Saleby

Runik Church bell from Saleby in Västergötland Sweden

In my opinion, the Runic Divination Ritual is the Xotik/Gothic and Asatru way to become what all humans are – Divine Beings. To transcend the so called Ego and give oneself over to the runic fabric of ToBe by ritually casting the runes is an essential step towards that Divinity. Synchronicity (rr19) the medium of Divination is paradoxically a needed state of consciousness to develop towards oneness with ToBe and is a result of that oneness with ToBe. When you “cast” the Runes not only are you giving yourself over, to the opportunity to get in touch with ToBe or that Transcendental Reality the way you understand it but you also develop spiritual muscles to prepare yourself for the stages of the Journey towards that Transcendental Reality.

One of these Stages is the realization of Karma (rr14 Perthro). When we can start seeing the Tides of our Karma from a State of NoThought (rr13 Æhwaz) then we can start “to turn our will and our lives over to the care of” the “Xoting” the Spiritual Unfoldment towards XotHood (Enlightenment, Cosmic Consciousness)
–Tiwaz c2008 rr14aee

B = Berkano – No-Thing-ness
E =  Ehwaz – Marriage – Synchronicity
Ing = Ing – rebirth


Runes create God. –Tiwaz c2009 rr13ohu