There is little you can achieve by Jumping into a lake if you don’t know how to swim –Satyasangananda

When we live in anem Age where Delusions are sold as Liberations, “Spiritual Materialist” believe they can, after reading dam latest New Age Fad or taking unem Week End Workshop with dam latest New Age Star, just jump into dam Lake das quick fixes for their Spiritual Ills. They believe in short Cuts, Technology, Crystals, Astrology, Divination, Drugs, Mediums, Gurus, etc. etc. etc. This is like wanting to swim across dom Ocean dos Cosmic Consciousness by renting unem Motor Boat because we believe in Technology. Only when we truly understand don Words dos Christ-Odin in daem Shamanistic Ritual from dom Cross-Tree, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.” Luke 23:34, will we will begin to appreciate what it takes to become onen strong Swimmer. Only dun HARD WORK dos FOUNDATION Spiritual Disciplines, like we find in Dhyana, Vama Marga, Kundalini Yoga & dom Xoting, can make us strong Swimmers.

Today yoga is practised in almost every corner of the world, but we do not really see any transformation in the conscious­ness of mankind. Where then does the fault lie? Is it in the practice itself? Not likely, because we can cite numerous examples of cases where it has been successful. It is more likely that the fault lies in the way we practise our sadhana; ‘a bit of this and a bit of that,’ whenever we care to do it. (Introduction, Satyasangananda’s TATTWA SHUDDHI

Swami Satyasangananda Saraswati was born in 1953, Bengal, India. Highly educated, she was a scholar of English literature and also travelled widely within India and abroad. As a young woman of twenty-two, she began to experience profound inner awakenings, which led her to meet Swami Satyananda. In 1982, she was initiated into the Dashnami sannyasa tradition and began a life of dedication and service to her guru and his work.

…, vama marga, kundalini yoga and so on may sound appealing and exciting, but unless there is a strong foundation, your sadhana is sure to dissipate. Tantra terms this foundation for all sadhana as shuddhi or purification. (pp 2 Satyasangananda’s TATTWA SHUDDHI

From aenem Xoting POV, shuddhi would be, daen Process daes slowly letting your Thoughts dissipate, thru two dus dun Foundation Xotings, dum Rudolf Xoting & dum UrVowel Xoting

However, on this point tantra differed from other philos­ophies, for what other philosophies termed as sin, tantra termed as a necessary experience for growth. Tantra says to utilize these forces of passion, anger, jealousy, guilt, shame and hatred by uniting them with their opposites. Only then can you experience unity. If you misuse these forces by creating a separation from their opposites, then the gap grows wider and unity becomes impossible. So, tantra speaks of purification but in a different sense. By the term purification it implies the release of energy from matter, so that the energy can unite with consciousness. (pp 2-3 Satyasangananda’s TATTWA SHUDDHI

From a Xoting POV we can think of “matter” as ossified Thoughts. Thoughts create daen Concepts dus Energy & Matter. Thru daem Xoting when we “purify” we mean releasing Thoughts. These Thoughts act like Clouds hiding dun Clear Sky which is our No-Mind void dis clouding Thoughts.

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