Tiwaz doing a Rune Reading at Spring Healing

In my opinion, the Runic Divination Ritual is the Xotik (Gothic) and Asatru way to become what all humans are – Divine Beings. By ritually casting the runes, we transcend the so called Ego and give oneself over to the runic fabric of ToBe.  Synchronicity the medium of Divination is paradoxically a needed state of consciousness to develop towards oneness with ToBe and is a result of that oneness ToBe. When you “cast” the Runes not only are you giving yourself over, to the opportunity to get in touch with ToBe or that Transcendental Reality the way you understand it but you also develop spiritual muscles to prepare yourself for the stages of the Journey towards that Transcendental Reality. –Tiwaz c2008 rr14aee


English Version

Carl Gustav Jung 1875 – 1961

” To one person its spirit appears as clear as day; to another, shadowy as twilight; to a third, dark as night. He who is not pleased by it does not have to use it, and he who is against it is not obliged to find it true. Let it go forth into the world for the benefit of those who can discern its meaning.” –Jung, Forward to I Ching a Chinese Divination Book (mid 4th to early 3rd century BC)

Jung became so adept at using dem I Ching that he could predict what Hexagrams – HEX – he would get for dem People he analyzed. (Franz1975) EEch use deen Rune Readings in aanem similar Way thet Jung used deen I Ching & deen Tarot with his Analysands. Rune Readings coach you in your spiritual Growth. Each human Being is oner Clearing dos ToBe (“ToBe” similar Heidggerrian Sein).

Tattoo meaning enlightenment.

Ener Tiwaz Reading puts you in harmony with thot Clearing dos ToBe.

Im Today’s pop Culture iner New Ager would call ToBe – “Enlightenment”.
Dor medieval christian mistik Meister Eckhart called Ot “Godhead”.

Dor Canadian Psychiatrist n Mystic Dr. Bucke called Ot “Cosmic Consciousness”. Dor tibetan Yoga Milarepa called Ot “Dharamakaya”. Dor philosopher mistik Martin Heidegger called his Magnum Opus “Sein und Zeit” – ToBe and Time.

Dor Zen Buddhists have called Ot “Satori” ond Taoists have called Ot “The Tao”.

In Tiwaz Readings Ot is called “ToBe”. –Tiwaz rr17ohh


Marie-Louise von Franz. 1975. C. G. Jung—His Myth in Our Time. William Kennedy trans. Hodder and Stoughton: London. p. 117.