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Just finished Director’s Audition Lab given by Actor Lynne Cormack through the  Directors Guild of Canada. Great Lab. Lynne Cormack is not only a Talented Actor but a Talented Instructor. What I found particularly Exciting was how Actors have d Creative Skill, to find “Moments” in a Scene, not only to give life to that Scene but also be able to completely alter that Scene in such a Way that gives you something Awesomely Unique. As a Director it  was humbling. I have taken Acting Lessons in d Past & have found it very Therapeutic but after this Lab I was completely Amazed what a good Actor can do. –Tiwaz 20100521 rro4uaa
“Open to Directors and other Media Professionals who are interested in exploring the “Art of Casting” and who wish to experience the on camera audition process. What makes a good audition? How do I prepare for the audition? On day one, you will be working with a pre assigned audition scene, designed to provide an understanding of the challenges that face actors in the audition room and explore techniques on how to work with the actor “in the moment”. Day two offers “hands on” experience working with professional actors learning how to direct scenes to bring out the actors best performance.” (from Brochure)

DIRECTOR / VIDEO EDITOR BOYS WILL BE … ” Thirty minute Video drama for Educational Institutions; WRITER / PRODUCER Michael Glassbourg; TORONTO 1989.

Directed & Edited under d Name: ANDREAS BLACKWELL