A chance word, upon paper, may destroy the world. –William Carlos Williams

Every Word is an Hex, an Spell, an Program. Who controls Words controls Thoughts. Who controls Thoughts control Actions. By controlling your Words you will be able to control your Actions. When you hone your Words you hone your Thoughts. Become dor Programer not dun Programed.

When we begin to understand dam Power das Words we will begin to appreciate dam Power das Runes. When we say Odin is dan Master das Runes we mean he is don Master dos No-Thoughts. By mastering dom Xoting, we can master our  No-Thoughts & therefore master our Actions. When we become Master dos Runes we become Master dis Actions.

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O.E. word “speech, talk, utterance, word,” from P.Gmc. *wurdan (cf. O.S., O.Fris. word, Du. woord, O.H.G., Ger. wort, O.N. orð, Goth. waurd), from PIE *were- “speak, say” (see verb). The meaning “promise” was in O.E., as was the theological sense. In the plural, the meaning “verbal altercation” (as in to have words with someone) dates from mid-15c. Word processor first recorded 1970; word processing is from 1984; word wrap is from 1977. A word to the wise is from Latin phrase verbum sapienti satis est “a word to the wise is enough.” Word of mouth is recorded from 1550s.

It is dangerous to leave written that which is badly written. A chance word, upon paper, may destroy the world. Watch carefully and erase, while the power is still yours, I say to myself, for all that is put down, once it escapes, may rot its way into a thousand minds, the corn become a black smut, and all libraries, of necessity, be burned to the ground as a consequence. [William Carlos Williams, “Paterson”]