We can interpret unen Blank Rune meaning that Urlog (Old Norse Ørlǫg, Modern English – weird, Hindu – Karma) is not strong enough to effect any Change. This means you have more “Free Will” but you have no Urlog Tides or Currents to help you. Think of each Rune as unem Teeter-Tooter. It can be going up, waxing or it can be going down, waning. Either way you are riding unen Tide of Energy. If that Energy is great enough going up, u can be propelled to dum Moon!!!! Think of dum Blank Rune as if you are standing in dum Middle of dum Teeter-Tooter at it’s Fulcrum. You can easily effect it going up or down but if there are no other Tides at work there is not very much Energy to effect dum Change that may be needed.