"Othal" by Oleg Korolev

“I used a motif of the place: http://www.ishafoundation.org/eflyers/Kailash.isa Many traditions consider the mountain Kailash, as a center of Tibet, a spiritual center of the world and a manifestation of the Truth. This is one of the most important chakras of the Earth. Kailash has a name of a mountain of the nine swastikas, or just a Swastik-mountain”. In some traditions the place is considering as an enter to the Shambala. Othal – a rune, which represents a wisdom of the ancestors. Kailash, shaped into the rune Othal, centres the wisdom and directs it with the arrow ( arrow, sent by the Buddah Shenrab, which opens the way http://bon-encyclopedia.wikispaces.com/bon+overview).  A multicolored glow ( the aurora ) in Tibet symbolizes those souls, which have obtained a liberation”  –Korolev

Beautiful Painting of d Rune OTHALA. Since in d Tiwaz Stead Othala is d last Rune in d Futhark n therefore completing d Xoting, Tiwaz would emphasize Wholeness as in Holy. Uruz rr02uah deals more w your Genetic Ancestors while Othala deals more w your Ancestors as in Divine, Immortal, Bliss. In d End we r looking at d Same Bottle but from different Angles, different Keys, POVs, Steeds n Steads. –Tiwaz rr24uah