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Lawrence LeShan (born 1920) Psychologist, Author of How to Meditate (1974), one of d first practical Guides to Meditation.


“A few years, I was at a small conference of scientists all of whom practiced meditation on a daily basis. Toward the end of the four-day meeting, during which each of them had described at some length how he meditated, I began to press them on the question of why they meditated. Various answer were given by different members of the group and we all knew that they were unsatisfactory, that they did not really answer the questions. Finally one man said, “It’s like coming home.” There was silence after this, and one by one all nodded their heads in agreement. There was clearly no need to prolong the inquiry.” —Lawrence LeShan p 1, in “How to Meditate” c1974 ISBN0553244531 rr24eoo

Your Spiritual Home is within.
Do to Ignorance your not in.
–Tiwaz c2010 rr24aei