Today’s Evil Might
Is hidden in d Light
–Tiwaz 201103311431 rr23auu

Kimberly Ann Hart: So, what do your codes mean? I can see a date in part of the code… but what does the rest mean?

Tiwaz Schneider: rr23auu means:

– rr means Runa Reading
– 23 means d 23 Runa Staff of d Elder Futhark – Dagalaz Literally probably means d God of Day in Day & Night. Something maybe like Abraxes.
– “a” represents d Runa Staff Ansuz. Esoterically it represents d Archetype Level.
– “u” represents d Physical Level.
– “au” would represent Thoughts manifesting Action.
– “uu” represents that I have personal Experiences of this.