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NOTES from JUNG’S VISIONS c1976 ISBN 0-88214-111-2, z = Page or New Topic, zz = Sub Topic

Jung's Visions Seminars, Book 1, 1976

z 9 Great Healer – Reading Today ÆÆch realize more clearly thææt:

Ik am not anen Healer

Ik am just anen Midwife

Dan True Spiritual Doctor

Is in mas inner Life

–Tiwaz 2010 rr04eoh

(I am not a Healer
I am just a Midwife
The True Spiritual Doctor
Is in my inner Life.)

z 10 Peacock “When that marvelous beauty of color and form and light appears, then you have a feeling of things unfolding. [is this why I like d Term “Spiritual Unfolding”] ..The spring and the sunrise. … used as a symbol of resurrection … [I would also ad that it can become d Symbol of d Self, a Mandela in d Individuation Process] In the symbolism of the East the peacock also plays a certain role, but more unfavorable. There, it is a proud Luciferian kind of a bird, self-produced and disobedient to the creator of things. In the Kurd tribes there were so-called devil-worshipers who worshiped the peacock as their symbol of creative power. … ”
zz This supports d Argument that we have to be very careful when we take on Symbolic Meaning from one Culture n impose it’s Symbolic Meaning on another. This is one of d great Failings of Comparative Religious Studies n d New Age Movement that can lead a naive Follower into a Spiritual Psychosis & Spiritual Sociopathology. In d Hands of Spiritual Colonialists this can be used as a Tool to subjugated d Targeted Group to be subconsciously Colonized.

z p 14 “The dreams and visions are the products of nature and they are most amazingly uninfluenced even if it looks quite otherwise. I insist on that point, because Freud’s point of view is just the contrary. He thinks that the unconscious is tremendously influenced and certain dreams only come from the fact that one has seen this or that. But I bet anything, if you see a street accident, perhaps a most horrible and impressive scene, that you will dream nothing about it, or if you do, that it will be distorted. Then it is most certainly not only a mere accident, but a symbol that expresses some psychological problem in yourself. The real accident has simply been used as a sort of language…. The unconscious can use it if it suits its purpose, or not at all if it is not symbolic.”

z 14 One Fundamental Difference between Jung n Freud in my Opinion is that Jung believed that Dreams where a Product of a Transcending Healer n not a Product of a Sexually Neurotic Animal that needed to be tamed. Jung therefore believed d Doctor was within while Freud believed he was d Doctor w d Power of Life n Death.  This is one of d Reasons I speculate that Psychoanalysis became an Instrument of State Power.

This Argument is supported by Masson’s The Assault on Truth “In 1895, Sigmund Freud formulated what was perhaps his most profound theory: that emotional disturbances in adults stem from actual early traumatic experiences, the knowledge of which has been repressed. But Freud eventually renounced this theory in favor of a new view, that his women patients had “fantasized” their early memories of rape and seduction – a view on which the whole budding science of psychoanalysis would be based.”

If U r a Rebel or believe U r a Vampire d Jungian will more likely see this as a Transcending Archetype while d Freudian is more likely to lock U up in a Mental Institute n then lobotomize U w Electric Shock Treatments until U r NORMAL for State Consumption!.

z 15 “We can b God knows where in our consciousness, on top of Mount Everest in our intuition — n in our unconscious, not even out of d cradle.” rr09eæh

z 16 “When s plant grows up it is wise enough to develop leaves on both sides,” rr23uhh

Fellow spiritual Traveler

I miss spending time with you. Your POV of reality is always refreshing and in some ways grounding. Don’t worry that you rant. This is normal for someone who is seeing more than the average person who is not immersed in the “they”* world.

The problem is possession, the state when we are being hypnotized by someone or something. This some THING, THIS SEIEND* can be so called “real”, unreal, paranoiac, fantasy ‘the truth’ etc. but they are all just Matrixes that limit us if we can not step out of them. Chess is a Matrix of Possibilities. I spent periods of my life where nothing else existed. It helped me deal with the “they” world by giving me a refuge to heal. Eventually I had to step out of the Chess Matrix and deal with the “they” Matrix. To say that the Chess Matrix is less real than the ‘they’ Matrix is missing the point. I can play chess whenever I want and I can play the ‘they’ Matrix when NEEDED. It is the skill through spiritual discipline to play in whatever sandbox that allows you to unfold to your true spiritual destiny. Carl Jung found himself buying and being obsessed with Alchemy Books. He asked: ‘Where these just medieval rants that purported to find mystical recipes that could change lead into gold or change gross matter into the elixir of life?’ The Alchemy Matrix had possessed Jung. When he was given the key to Alchemy by Richard Wilhelm in the book ‘THE SECRET OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER’ the obsession only increased but the possession decreased. He was becoming more aware, more conscious and this put him on a higher level of consciousness that allowed him to exorcise the possession with his new found genius. To say possession is always wrong of course depends if it is part of your spiritual unfolding or enslavement. Jung kept himself sane through his spiritual discipline of Depth Psychology and in troth with the process of awakening. Jung called this the individuation process and some like Abraham Maslow have called it Self-Actualizing. The alchemist could of called it working on their Magnum Opus. The Hindu’s call it Yoga, the Chinese call it the Tao, New Agers call it Enlightenment. People who hold Troth with AbenLand call it God, Gott, Goth, Gote, Xot, etc. (X=G in Xot Language) In this Xoting, this quickening, we come to know we are more than any one matrix or combination of matrixes we are the ground of these matrixes that surpassed all restrictions of time and space. Unfortunately Judeo-Christianity has high jacked these sacred words and bastardized them to such extend we are hostile and alien to them.

Each matrix is a sand box and we are children destined for endless play. When young wolves play are they just playing or are they embracing their true nature. Friend do not be afraid to play! – just develop the discipline so that you can remember which sandbox you are in. Keeping a daily Xoting Journal is imperative for you surviving the storms of the Xoting and the “they” world. The Genie or Genius has been activated and there is no way to put it back into the bottle of the ‘they’ Matrix. Yes the truth Friend is that if you can develop the disciplines that are needed you are destined for a dance of endless play and bliss that leads to the Immortality of XotHood.

Your spiritual Friend Tiwaz

In German, Heidegger is distinguishing Sein (the verb-derived abstract noun corresponding to ‘being’ in English) from Seiend, the German gerund of the verb sein (‘to be’). In English, however, the gerund of ‘to be’ is also ‘being’. To preserve Heidegger’s distinction, translators usually render ‘Seiend’ as ‘a being’ or ‘beings,’ and occasionally as ‘entity’. REF:

This “who” of “everyday” Dasein is the “they” [das Man], which is characterized by distantiality, averageness and levelling down and constitutes “publicness.” The “they” is both everybody and nobody “to whom every Dasein has already surrendered itself in Being-among-one-another.” The “they-self” is the “not itself” of Dasein to be distinguished from authentic Dasein. Authentic Being-one’s-Self, therefore, is an existentiell modification of the “they” as an essential existentiale, and, therefore, the former is the more primordial disclosure of Dasein. REF: