Dor Phoenix rises out dos Ashes

Holly King by Hikari Ryu1

1st Day dus Holly K-Ing Reign

To Day Thur’s Day 21, in Celtic Terms, dur Holly King has killed dun Oak King ond now dur Holly King rules until Yule Tide where dur Oak King will kill dun Holly King. In Christian Terms, Christ takes over from John the Baptist.

In dom XOTING, it is dun Beginning dos Spiritual RETURN (rr05-Raidho) to onsem Spiritual Home dos Yule Tide. It is unen good Tide to pick unem RIDE that will help us take us back Home to onsem True Self. Thus may be unen Horse, Bike, Car, etc but it is more likely to be unen Physical Project like starting up Building unem House, starting up Painting on Canvas or starting up unem Xot Band.

Before we can start our Journey we should bury & mourn dum Dead. In dom Xoting, dur Oak King represents dun Physical Waxing towards Summer Solstice. It is don Tide for dom Holly King to bury dun Oak King. This is represented by dim Rune Laxuz.

Dær Important Point is that it is DOR Phoenix rising out DUS Ashes.

Dur Xaldor for this Beginning out dus Ashes  would be LaxUz, a-o-U, AwAke, i-æ-E