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We take Responsibility for our Lord’s Dystopia
Like an Alcoholic who believes, he drinks freely.
Instead of working spiritually on our own Utopia
We are addicted to our BELIEVES, that we are Free.
—Tiwaz 201303-1102 #rr20-ManHod (manhood)

hood = word-forming element meaning “state or condition of being,” from Old English -had “condition, position,” cognate with German -heit, Dutch -heid, all from Proto-Germanic *haidus “manner, quality,” literally “bright appearance,” from PIE (s)kai- “bright, shining.” Originally a free-standing word (see hade); in Modern English it survives only in this suffix.

Detail of The School of Athens by Raffaello Sa...

Detail of The School of Athens by Raffaello Sanzio, 1509, showing Plato (left) and Aristotle (right)

‘Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees the others.’


Dar Want to have Love is Childish,
Dor Will to give Love is Mature.
— Tiwaz 201008280842 rr20ahh