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Out of Winter’s Death cums Spring’s Life.

Ostara (1884) by Johannes Gehrts. The goddess flies through the heavens surrounded by Roman-inspired putti, beams of light, and animals. Germanic people look up at the goddess from the realm below.

If Goths 2000 years ago, on a Good Friday (God Frigga Day) saw a Man on a Cross they would of taken it as Odin being hanged on Yggdrasil. It would of been common knowledge that when a Man is hanged he has an Erection & Ejaculation. This is what some today simulate in Erotic Asphyxiation & is how d God ING was killed after impregnating Maidens in d Nerthus Fertility Rites. An Orgasm was also referred to as a little Death & has been associated w d Death of d Ego in d Spiritual Awakening. This Mistikal Death of a God being hanged, becomes a God sacrificing his Ego-Sperm, on d Tree of Eternal Return, so that Man can have Eternal Life.

Today on Easter Monday we celebrate a God’s Resurrection, Erection w Chocolate, an Aphrodisiac & Rabbits, a Symbol of Fertility. 2000 years ago, for d Goths like d ING-WINES (Ingvaeones), who gave E(I)ng-Land it’s Name, Easter would of been their sacred Fertility Rite. It would of been held on d first full Moon (Easter Moon Day) after d Spring Equinox. Nine Pregnant Months later it would of been Yule Tide. Yule Tide was d longest Night when Mother Earth was most receptive & impregnated w d Immortal Soul of d Universe. Only Babies born around that Time would of been considered Members of d Tribe w a Soul. D Babies born on Yule Tide would be considered (K)INGS.

Out of Death cums new Life.


THORSSON’S NORTHERN MAGICæhwaz/thorssons-northern-magic-notes/

“Easter (Vernal Equinox is the full manifestation of the return of the vital powers of nature. The name f this celebration was always Teutonic. Eostre is the Goddess of the spring and of the dawn. Her name is recorded both among the Germans (among whom she is known as Ostara) and the Anglo-Saxons, from whom we, of course, get our own English word “Easter.” I is simply one of those names the evangelists could not obliterate.”


NUMEROLOGY: For Easter 20120409

Good Friday, Full Moon Good Frigg’s Day is d 6th

Easter Monday, Ostara Moon Day is 9th

6 plus 9 = 69 Number for sexual Union


Original Published:

–Tiwaz, 201104250002 Easter Monday rr19eoh

Out of Birthing pure Filth,
Coagulating Snakes of d Night,
Sperm d Alchemical Elixir,
That births an Immortal Light.
–Tiwaz 201104230351 for Gidget rr18eoh

see English Version

Dur Fri-Day is dedicated & named
After Frigga, Odin’s Sister & Wife.
On Good Frigga’s Day der Holy Rite
Dæs Odin’s Eternal Return in Strife,
Dæs Hanging & Dying on Yggdrasil,
Gives den Betrothed Fertility in Life.
–Tiwaz 201104221131 rr19ehh