“How the Globalist’s PR Agents Use the Wikileaks Psyops Program” by Scott Creighton

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“Michel Chossudovsky over at Global Research has put up an interesting NPR transcript with some rather revealing statements about Wikileaks that were made by the New York Times chief Washington correspondent, David Sanger. Sanger is one of the New York Times reporters who have been reading and writing about the different state department memos “leaked” by Wikileaks. He was also involved in meetings with the Obama administration and others which selected and redacted the cables that would be published.”

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“Another statement is interesting because it shows that the New York Times didn’t get their “leaks” from Wikileaks, but instead they got them from The Guardian, another globalist controlled publication. You would think that something as big as the Wikileaks, the Guardian might want to keep the exclusive for themselves. Imagine all that money they gave up handing over these “leaks” to the New York Times. Makes one think that there was a larger agenda at work. Now remember, Wikileaks didn’t just publish these things themselves, instead, for some reason, they handed them over (supposedly) to the Guardian and let them edit them and select them as they saw fit. If Assange didn’t see that coming, if he didn’t KNOW that the globalist institutions would use these documents in this way prior to his handing them over, he’s an idiot.”

This Article by Scott Creighton has a Silver Lining. It is a Victory for Freedom. D Key to understanding this is, like Alex Jones says it is a “War for your Mind”. D general Public r influenced by Opinion Makers. Opinion Makers r no longer getting their info from d Main Stream Media like d NYT because they have access to d Net.

No Mater what happens d Ruling Elite need to control Peoples Thoughts. If they have to tell d Truth to retain that control they will do it. In other Words they will give up d Gold to save d Golden Goose which is d Main Stream Media (MSM) including Hollywood, Music n now they want to start controlling d Net.

David E. Sanger, Chief Washington Correspondent for The New York Times

D Ruling Elite r using Assange to legitimize their Information by giving us Truths. Just like CON Artist they will try to sucker us in by building up CON-fidence. Then at d Crucial Moment they will use a Lie or even a Truth, to trap us. This Scenario is Standard Operating Procedure for Con Artists n Black Ops but it also shows that d Ruling Elite r losing Ground in d War for our Minds. We must be vigil n not fall for their Media Mind Matrix that keeps us shackled as Chattel. rr18æih

Anyone who wants to understand d Role of d MSM especially d New York Times should read Noam Chomsky’s “Manufacturing Consent” or see d Movie.

REFERENCE: How the Globalist’s PR Agents Use the Wikileaks Psyops Program –Scott Creighton http://www.infowars.com/how-the-globalist%E2%80%99s-pr-agents-use-the-wikileaks-psyops-program/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter