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“What we need are more people who specialize in the impossible.” rr18ohh
— Theodore Roethke

To have dun Opportunity to practice onem True Spiritual Discipline,

form onem True Spiritual Master is almost Impossible luckily dir Impossible is just one Possibility.

Ich om dom Impossible

Ich om dom Impossible

Ich om dom Impossible

[[English: To have the opportunity to practice a true spiritual discipline from a true spiritual master is almost impossible luckily the impossible is just one possibility.
I am the impossible ]]

rr18 is Pregnant because it is full of Possibilities. rr18 is No-Thing-ness because it is not restricted so thot it has don Possibility to manifest don Impossible. If you have unen Blank Screen then it’s at it’s fullness in Possibilities. Once you draw one Dot on it you limit it’s Possibilities.

EXCERPTS: [[notes]] & color added

The birthday of the world / pregnant with possibility

We hear the shofar and call out, Hayom Harat Olam! / Today is the birthday of the world; Today the world is born!”

But let’s look more closely at these words, to see what they can teach us.
Harah means pregnancy, conception or gestation. Not birth, but the process which leads up to birth. Olam can mean world, but if we wanted to say “the conception of the world,” we would say harat ha-olam. Olam really means eternity, from the root that means “hidden,” or more precisely, the infinite that is hidden, beyond our limited perception.
If we wanted to say “the birth of the world” we would say yaldat ha’olam. [[see rr01 Fehu]] Harat Olam means very literally, “pregnant with eternity”, or “eternally pregnant.” [[see rr12 Eternal Return]] Today is pregnant with eternity.”


Out of Birthing pure Filth,
Coagulating Snakes of d Night,
Sperm d Alchemical Elixir,
That births an Immortal Light.
–Tiwaz 201104230351 for Gidget rr18eoh