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Focus on Black Tide for your Silence ToBE.


FEHU, happy High Black Night Tide*,

time to bless your Friends

HAGALAZ, happy High Black Moon Tide**

time to bless your Ancestors

TIWAZ, happy High Black Yule Tide***

time to bless your Soul Sisters****

–Tiwaz 20111222-0002 rro1ouh

*True Mid Night, **New Moon, ***Black Sun, ****Valkyries

Holly King by Hikari Ryu1

“You could not do better than to go where it is dark, that is, unconsciousness.”
— Meister Eckhart, 14th century rr13iaa

Many of d Asatru n “Pagan” Believes r similar to d Xoting but there is a Fundamental Difference. In d Xoting Yule Tide, d Winter Solstice does not represent Fear, that d Sun will not rise again. D Holy of Holiest of Days does not Center around d Death n Rebirth of d Sun.

Yuletide w Star - A celestial storm is brewing. In 2010, we'll experience the most intense planetary influences to date in this transition through 2012 and beyond.

Our Sun is just one of countless Suns in this Universe never Mind d Arguments about countless other Suns in other Dimensions n other Paranormal Universes.  Our Sun, like our Squirrely Intellect, occults No-Thought. No-Thought is d first Meditative Stage to Xothood (Cosmic Consciousness, Enlightenment, Dharmakaya etc.).
D True Power of d Universe is occulted by our Sun. It is d Darkness that gave our Suns, Planets, Moons etc. etc. etc. LIFE.  “Seeing the Light” actually blinds us to a greater Reality.

BLACK SUN (Solar Eclipse of March 29, 2006)

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” –Jung 1945 rr23aee

“I said to my soul, be still, and let the dark come upon you, which shall be the darkness of god. “–T. S. Eliot

QUOTES FROM:  THE DARKNESS OF GOD: A Personal Report on Consciousness Transformation Through an Encounter with Death
John Wren-Lewis

One of the NDEs reported to Kenneth Ring (1980) was from a roman who said she had been enveloped in “a very peaceful blackness. . . a soft, velvet blackness,” and I know just what she meant-but I feel the need to say something stronger to do justice to my experience. A phrase that has since come to mind occurs in an ancient alchemical text; we now know that alchemy was concerned more with psychological and spiritual changes than chemical ones, and in one old book it is said that there occurs a point in the transformation where the operator “falls into the black sun” and experiences “a palpable absence of light” (an interesting psychological anticipation of “black holes”?). The darkness I experienced was in some extraordinary way radiant, and I cannot help thinking of the poem Night by Henry Vaughan, with its strange line: “There is in God, some say, a deep but dazzling darkness.


Another man reported to Raymond Moody that he found himself “just floating and tumbling through space,” and then added, “I was so taken up with this void that I just didn’t think of anything else.” The idea that a void could possibly be interesting would have seemed nonsense to me before, but it now makes total sense. In fact, the state I am trying to describe seems to defy all ordinary canons of logic, and my deepest resonance is to Buddha’s classic description of Nirvana, which simply piles one contradiction upon another:

Monks, there exists that condition wherein is neither earth nor water nor fire nor air; wherein is neither the sphere of infinite space nor of infinite consciousness nor of nothingness nor of neither-consciousness-nor-unconsciousness; where there is neither this world nor a world beyond nor both together nor moon-and-sun. Thence, monks, I declare there is no coming to birth; thither is no going; therein is no duration; thence is no falling; there is no arising. It is not something fixed, it moves not on.

That indeed is the end of ill.

(Pali Canon, 1968)


In some legends, Odin bestowed gifts at Yuletide upon his people, riding a magical flying horse across the sky. This legend may have combined with that of St. Nicholas to create the modern Santa Claus.

If my POV is from d Earth, from d Squirrely Intellect, from rr13æih, then I will Fear d Darkness  n embrace  d Light. If I have no POV, if I am grounded in No-Thought, in Darkness, in d Black Sun, in Void, in rr18uoh, then I AM. Winter Solstice represents for d Xoting, d longest Night of d Year, which allows d Spirit of d Universe to impregnate d Earth w XotHood. If we ritually participate in this we leave myself open to be impregnated w d Seed of XotHood. Repeated Yule Rituals, waters d Quickening to our XotHood. –Tiwaz 201012202205 rr05eoh

Freya Seeding Winter