Dur Earth’s Orbit around dum Sun is slightly elliptical. Therefore, dur Distance between dum Earth und dum Sun varies throughout dum Year. At its nearest Point on dum Ellipse that is dun Earth’s Orbit around dum Sun, dur Earth is 91,445,000 miles (147,166,462 km) from dum Sun. Thus Point in dum Earth’s Orbit is known as dum PERIHELION. Dur Perihelion this Year will be at 01:00 January 5 2012 UT Time or 20:00 Toronto Time. This is dun Time dom Xoting celebrates New Years.

“To know that all has failed is the beginning of a new journey. To know that “All that I have achieved is lost” is the beginning of a new search for something that cannot be lost. When one is utterly disillusioned with the world and all its successes, only then one becomes spiritual.” –Osho, rr17uuo

from: The book of wisdom

: discourses on Atisha’s seven points of mind training p.78. Osho International, 2001 – 549 pages

When I am given d Opportunity to read Wisdom like this, I realize I am Blessed. 🙂