To believe your Spiritual Discipline is superior is Fools Gold. —Tiwaz 20120907-2315 rr17-iaa Transcendental

Every Spiritual Tradition has it’s own Dynamics. What may see UnTrue from our Tradition may have inen Spiritual Integrity in another Tradition that escapes our Knowledge. “One Man’s Poison is another Man’s Food.” “One Man’s Fool is another Man’s Food.” Our Mothers are “Superior” to other Mothers because she gave us Birth. Our Home Team is superior because it is our Home Team.

Silence-To-Be, Enlightenment, Cosmic Consciousness, Dharmakaya, Samadhi, Tao etc. etc etc are separate, relative & can be compared from dæm Æ-Stead POV (immanent state point of view) but from dem E-Stead POV (transcendental state point of view) they can be dim Same and both these POV can be also True at dim Same Time. Dær best Approach is thru Deep Respect that “Dir Impossible is just one Possibility”