American Woman --Guess Who

I left d Film Biz in 1990 after successfully being involved w d Writing & Producing of two Low Budget Features.* It was d Peak in my Film Career but a Low in my Spiritual Life. This became apparent to me when I could manufacture Formula Films but could no longer create Poetry. I had decided in my early Twenties to be a Mystic. My writing was a Medium for my “Mysticism”. I was a Mystic but I no longer was Mystical. I needed to go back to my Roots so I changed my Name back to my Real Name, from Andreas Blackwell to Andreas Schneider. I went back to Deutschland where I was Born & witnessed d Berlin Wall coming down in 1989-90. I went form studying Tibetan Buddhism to studying d Runes, d 2000 Year Old Mystical Tradition of d Xotik Tribes of Northern Europe. D Name Tiwaz, d Seventeenth Rune & d progenitor of Tuesday, was originally my Cyber Name but eventually became my Spiritual Name. “AMERICAN WOMAN AS A MAN” was d first Creative Piece of Writing after Twelve Years of Spiritual Crises & Darkness of d Soul. What is fascinating is that my first True Realization of “Metaphor” came when I heard “American Woman” by d Guess Who in d 1970s. I find Mystical expresses itself through Metaphor. We can also see here, something that will become clearer later in my life. D Valkyrie.


Wo poor Woman

What have you done

You sold your Soul

To become a Man

Who exists only

In a Soap Can

You where once

A long time ago

The Life that pulsed

Beauty into the Stars.

You gave Meaning

To cold Dark Strip Bars

Man walked & gave Race

Over Earth n Water

For your Embrace.

Now you are

A burnt out Star

And the Earth

Mother of All

Is dying

Before your Fall

Now you are hated

Not because you are Wo-Man

But because you are a Man.

–Tiwaz 20020114 Cloak & Dagger, TO rr15iaa

* D Two Films where “City in Panic” and “Shaman’s Source“.