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Hexen dus old would grow,
Moldy Fungi Rye Bread.
Flying oak hard Brooms,
Inner Lusts would spread.
— Tiwaz 20140812 ‪#‎rr05‬ #‎Rune‬ ‪#‎Elhaz

Hexenreiten | kreidebleich Hexe_Mirror


long for the endless immensity of the sea

“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.” –Antoine de Saint-Exupéry rr15-Elhaz


American Woman --Guess Who

I left d Film Biz in 1990 after successfully being involved w d Writing & Producing of two Low Budget Features.* It was d Peak in my Film Career but a Low in my Spiritual Life. This became apparent to me when I could manufacture Formula Films but could no longer create Poetry. I had decided in my early Twenties to be a Mystic. My writing was a Medium for my “Mysticism”. I was a Mystic but I no longer was Mystical. I needed to go back to my Roots so I changed my Name back to my Real Name, from Andreas Blackwell to Andreas Schneider. I went back to Deutschland where I was Born & witnessed d Berlin Wall coming down in 1989-90. I went form studying Tibetan Buddhism to studying d Runes, d 2000 Year Old Mystical Tradition of d Xotik Tribes of Northern Europe. D Name Tiwaz, d Seventeenth Rune & d progenitor of Tuesday, was originally my Cyber Name but eventually became my Spiritual Name. “AMERICAN WOMAN AS A MAN” was d first Creative Piece of Writing after Twelve Years of Spiritual Crises & Darkness of d Soul. What is fascinating is that my first True Realization of “Metaphor” came when I heard “American Woman” by d Guess Who in d 1970s. I find Mystical expresses itself through Metaphor. We can also see here, something that will become clearer later in my life. D Valkyrie.


Wo poor Woman

What have you done

You sold your Soul

To become a Man

Who exists only

In a Soap Can

You where once

A long time ago

The Life that pulsed

Beauty into the Stars.

You gave Meaning

To cold Dark Strip Bars

Man walked & gave Race

Over Earth n Water

For your Embrace.

Now you are

A burnt out Star

And the Earth

Mother of All

Is dying

Before your Fall

Now you are hated

Not because you are Wo-Man

But because you are a Man.

–Tiwaz 20020114 Cloak & Dagger, TO rr15iaa

* D Two Films where “City in Panic” and “Shaman’s Source“.


Using Mind we deeply reflect, It is Mind we need to protect. –Tiwaz 2010 rr15eae


The whole world wide, every day, fly Huginn and Muninn; I worry lest Huginn should fall in flight, yet more I fear for Muninn -From Grimnism

-From Grimnism

Here is my latest poem published in HUNTERGATHERESS JOURNAL : VOLUME 2, 2009. The initial writing of “Valkyrie’s Troth” was written under the Stars completely by Memory instead of paper or Computer. I wanted to capture some of that old Troubadour feeling which I speculate was composed for and inspired by Blood Memory. (Odin’s Raven Mumin in the above Poem means Memory.) I did not realize it until later but it also incorporated some of the Anglo-Saxon Alliteration where “initial alliteration,” the repetition of sounds at the beginnings of words or syllables was used.To really appreciated this Poem needs to be belted out on a Stage or around a campfire.

The Bird Goddess is one of the most ancient goddesses, both a life-giving creator and a goddess of death and regeneration. The Valkyrie, a northern European goddess, is a representation of this goddess as death wielder.
Valkyrie’s Troth
In this TeenAge Age,
Of TeenAge Senility,
Where Pop Hop Propaganda
Create concrete conceptual
Crafting creeping conspiring
Where New Age Man
Anamalizes into Fellatio Bitches
And New Woe Man
Anal lies into Dildo Pricks
Shitting Pumpkins,
The Beast of TeenAge Rage
Before a Valkyrie’s Troth.

High above
Vermin infested Villages
High above
Rising white collar Gulags
High above
Sky scraping sick babbling
TV transmission Towers
High beyond
A poisoned polluted Night
Occulting universal Light
On a Wintery Yule Tide,
A Winged Goddess
Angle of Death
Chooser of the Slain
Silently parts a pure Path
Through the chemically killed Sky
for a moment Hovering
In the hallow Halo
of that universal Light,
Then Swooping down
Onto its’s Prey
Wings in flight
Giving mortal fright
To a teenage Boy.
Valkyrie of elder Worth
Volva seeing Rebirth
Pregnant with inner Earth
Wyrds the Boy a Man.
Sacrifice she demands
Sacrifice your Age
Sacrifice your Suffering
To the Best in Man.
A forgotten old Sword
Awakens, arises in the boy’s
Immortal bold Soul.
Forged in divine Lust
Crucified on the Cosmic Tree
Whose Roots no one can see,
called by the Goths
Needful the Dragon Slayer,
by the Celts
Excalibur the Camelot Maker
by the Mystics
Tiwaz the Troth Seeker.
This Sword is once again
Smashing towering concrete Concepts
Into fertile Earth.
And then,
Pierces the conspiring Darkness
With Heroic Stars
That pour forth their
Now the TeenAge Age
Truly awakens.
For it has been demanded
By the Valkyrie’s Troth.
For J who sees the Best in Man.
Tiwaz – 376 College 20020209,
rev. 200806011224 rr15eez