[originaly posted THURSDAY, MAY 22, 2008]

After viewing documents detailing Corruption between the Government and Drug Companies (footnoted below):

I am OUTRAGED!!!! What do honest law abiding citizens have to do – START RIOTING IN THE STREETS???? Each year Politicians and Drug Companies make us POORER But NOT HEALTHIER. Instead of pushing BILL C-51, C-52, etc. they should be investigating Drug Companies for conspiracy to commit fraud against the Canadian Public. I am over half a century old and in good health because I use LEGAL NATURAL HEALTH PRODUCTS (NHP). Now they are going to put me in Jail because I am NOT hooked on Pharmaceutical drugs?

“there has been misinformation circulating among the numerous Canadians who use NHPs. There are some within the industry who do not want to be regulated at all, and who are trying to scare people to achieve their political goal.” –Clement, Health Minister [i]

Yes, Yes, I know I’m not properly informed! I need to be better Educated by Tony Clement the Health Minister and the Drug Companies and George Bush would never lie to the American Pulic about Weapons of Mass DECEPTION because Bush would never put Profits above American Lifes and Maher Arar was not KNOWINGLY Jailed and Tortured because we live in a Democracy based on the Rule of Law and Mulroney did not take BRIBES from the Arms Dealer Schreiber because Mulroney is a family man and loves the TRUTH and Pharma Drugs are safer than Natural Health Products because Pharma Drugs are REGULATED!

“10,000 deaths yearly related to in-hospital adverse drug reactions in Canada.” (House of Commons Standing Committee on Health)[ii]

“There has never been a death in Canada caused by a natural health product. … the real danger in regulating them is to “over-regulate” them off of the market.” [iii]

“The Canadian Medical Association came out in a stern rebuke of Health Canada’s corruption. … All to often Health Canada is under fire for its protection of the pharmaceutical industry rather then the Health of Canadians.” [iv]

Clement maybe an honest soul who believes in what he is saying but after half a century of buying into the Government “Crying Wolf” I do not trust the Federal Government, I certainly do not trust the Drug Companies and with all due respect I DO NOT TRUST CLEMENT

Instead of acting as an AGENT for the Pharmaceutical Companies with the possibility of fat Directorships after his term, why doesn’t he use his Position to force an independent investigation for conspiracy between the Pharmaceuticals Lobbyists and the Federal Politicians who are pushing these policies? When they are given a clean bill of Health then I may listen to what he has to say. Until that happens, it is my opinion People pushing these polices are criminal Sociopaths who mimic concern for the Canadian Public but in fact are only interested in money and power. They are the ones who need to be put in jail not HEALTHY CANADIANS.

Lets clean up the corruption between the Government and Corporations before we act as agents for the Drug Pushers.

Yours truly,
– Schneider

“Bill C-51 Recruiting for Corruption” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_loRuV_sOJk





Minister of Health and the Minister for the Federal Economic Development
Initiative for Northern Ontario

Dear ******,

Thank you for your expression of concern about natural health products (NHPs) and the modernization of the Food and Drugs Act, known as Bill C-5 1. I am pleased to have this opportunity to respond.

Recently, there has been misinformation circulating among the numerous Canadians who use NHPs. There are some within the industry who do not want to be regulated at all, and who are trying to scare people to achieve their political goal. I want to set the record straight.

Rumours about price increases or restricted availability of NHPs because of Bill C-51 are false. Please be assured that I own no shares in any pharmaceutical company. An inspector will still require a search warrant to enter any private dwelling, as is the case now. Allegations that NHPs will have to be prescribed by doctors, or that the Government is targeting NHPs for inspections or fines, are untrue. The compliance policy in use for the last four years will continue unchanged. Bill C-51 will not make it more difficult to license NHPs, which have been regulated as a unique category (not food or drugs) since 2004. They will continue to be regulated in the same way when Bill C-51 becomes law.

Since introducing the Bill earlier this year, extensive stakeholder consultations were held, and we listened to concerns raised.

In order to include the ideas we heard, we are putting forward proposed amendments to Bill C-51 for discussion and consideration in the weeks ahead.

The intention of the Bill is to facilitate access to a wide array of safe and healthy products, including NHPs, not to keep them away from Canadians. It is also designed to protect consumers. For example, in the present legislation the maximum allowable fine is $5,000, which is not enough to deter those who would intend to harm consumers, so the Government is updating this. Currently, the Minister of Health has no power to recall harmful products, but Bill C-51 will give him this ability. Canadians want the Government to ensure that tainted products are found and recalled, that what is on the label is actually in the bottle, and that health claims are supported by evidence.

Responsible businesses have no cause to be concerned over Bill C-5 1; in fact, this Bill will “level the playing field” for businesses which now have to compete with less responsible entities. Gary Leong of Jamieson Laboratories stated to CBC Newsworld on Friday, May 9, 2008, “When you’re looking at safety and efficacy and truth of advertising, yes, we’re very supportive of Bill C-51.”

For the first time, if the proposed amendments are adopted, NHP would be defined within the Act as a “third” category apart from food and drugs. The proposed amendments will make it clear that regulations relating to drugs will not apply to NHPs. Another proposed amendment will make it clear that the type and amount of information required for NHP will include traditional knowledge and history of use.

In addition, the proposed amendments will clarify the way in which inspectors must carry out their duties-in a reasonable way, having regard to lower levels of risk most often associated with NHPs.

Finally, our proposed amendments would allow for the creation of an Advisory Committee, including industry, consumers, and health professionals, to provide guidance to government.

These proposed amendments will be debated by the Heath Committee in Fall 2008; opposition politicians and members of the public will have many opportunities to have input into the final Bill.

I would encourage you to visit http://www.healthycanadians.ca There you will find more information about Bill C-51 and NHPs, including a question and answer section that contains questions taken from actual letters like yours. If you need more information, there is also an interactive area of the website where you can submit your own questions and receive a personal answer, or a 1-800 number where an operator will provide you with more information.

In the future, under a modernized Food and Drugs Act, the numbers and varieties of NHPs will continue to grow, and Canadians can be confident that they will freely be able to access innovative, safe and effective NHPs.

Thanks again for taking the time to write.
Yours sincerely,
Tony Clement

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