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Perfect Creature is an action film about vampires and humans peacefully co-existing in an alternate-universe.

[[Excerpted & Annotated from]] “I have seen the future – and it’s goth

[[ ÆÆk am always ambivalent with Articles about “Goths”. This one is good because it puts “Goths” in ænen positive Light but on dæm other Hand, like most Articles on Goths, it creates onen weary Superficialness. Æk have minimized this through dæm Selection dæs Excerpts ænd Annotations. ]]

Dave Simpson
The Guardian, Tue 21 Mar 2006 15.13 GMT
… according to a new study, parents of goths will probably end up boasting about their son/daughter the doctor, lawyer or bank manager.
That is the surprising finding of Sussex University’s Dunja Brill, whose doctorate in media and cultural studies looked at people with funny hair and eyeliner in London, Brighton and Cologne, and who is herself a former goth.
… “Most goths are well educated, however. … The subculture encourages interest in classical education, especially the arts. I’d say goths are more likely to make careers in web design, computer programming … even journalism.

Visitors to the Archangel dental surgery in west London are confronted by a goth dentist, Didier Goalard, who says: “I’ve got goth friends who are doing quite well. There’s a dentist in Lyon, a couple of solicitors, a Church of England priest.”

“Goths tend to be the weirdo intellectual kids who have started to view the world differently.” [[ Have Goths really “starting to view the world differently” or our they seeing that Today’s “NORMAL” World is not Normal & that rooting themselves in dam Gothic European Culture allows them to live a more stable & fruitful Life? ]] Cathi Unsworth is now a successful author, but she remembers that her own dark gothic past gave her an outlet for alienation. “I loved the bands, especially Siouxsie and the Banshees, but it wasn’t a pose – I felt authentically depressed,” she says. Unsworth was a teenager in Great Yarmouth, where she felt that “people didn’t like me. It got to a point where I wanted to stop fighting against being different and embrace it.”
Gillian Porter is now a successful PR but remembers a misspent youth of “electric-blue hair extensions, big boots with great big skulls, more crimped hair than Pete Burns. Totally and utterly ridiculous.” Porter wasn’t depressed, although she concedes that, “Listening to a lot of Sisters of Mercy doesn’t exactly cheer you up.”

In the early 1980s, the gothic movement thrived with bands like the Sisters of Mercy at the forefront.

[[ When we want to break away from anem past Stage in our Spiritual Unfoldment, like from our dependent-on our-parents-World, we become authentically alienated & go through anem Kind dus Death. Celebrating this Death & Resurrection is essential in realizing onem deeper Grounding in Life.


In dum Past, People where more in Touch with these Stages dos Life & did not see them as “Pathological” that needed to be cured by State Psychiatrists & Big Pharma Drug Pushers. In dum Past if you needed guidance you went to one of your BLOOD Relatives, maybe a Shaman Uncle or to your Mid-Wife Grandmother. They would give you insight, spiritual Disciplines, prepare or recomend some HERB for you to use. If it was beyond their CRAFT they would send you to your Tribal Runik Wizard.

On unem Halloween Full Moon, dor Wizard would cast onem God-Spell, Xot-Spell on you ond out dos European Mists dos ETERNAL RETURNS conjured by MIST-IKS like Nietzsche ond Heidegger you would be, on unem nother Halloween Full Moon, Two Thousand Years later, resurrected as a Modern Goth dancing to “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”.

Dur “Sol niger” as dor Black Sun begins don Alchemical Xoting unfolding towards don Philosopher

In dom Cauldron dos Jungian Alchemy, you would unconsciously resurrect Elder Traditions in reconstituted Forms. Dracula becomes your Primal Ancestor, anen God-Goth-Got-Xot that is tied to you by Blood. Wizards of Elder Worth are weirded as Vampire Saints with God-like, Goth-like, Xot-like Powers. Vintage Black splashed with Blood Red becomes your new Tribal Dress Code. Modern Drugs becomes your new Sacrament & Sex Rituals become your new Tantra dos Spiritual Rapture. Night Clubs become your new Cathedrals & Dancing becomes onen Spiritual Discipline that heals your Wounds form dam “Normal” World of Light & transcends them into Immortal Bliss dos VISIBLE DARKNESS.]]

Unsworth favoured a “black polo neck jumper and full-length skirt, for which she would be “spat on by the beer boys”.
It could be tough, but being a goth can open up a world where art, current affairs and literature are embraced and openly discussed, perhaps paving the way for future networking. Unsworth remembers debates about “current affairs, Oscar Wilde, decadence, hairspray …” “There was a lot of Edgar Allan Poe and Bram Stoker,” remembers Porter. “It was better than the Sun.” For Hosein, it was Quentin Crisp and “The Day of the Triffids. Anything involving horror and death.”

Bootleg : The Sisters Of Mercy - Live at Leeds Metropolitan University, 16 February 2011 (CD & Covers)


Some took the whole thing very far. Hosein once lived in Headingley, Leeds; he remembers that students would enrol at Leeds university specifically because the town housed gothic kingpins (and his neighbours) the Sisters of Mercy. One night, Hosein saw a fog descending over the area and commented that lead singer Andrew Eldritch was around – then looked up to see him entering his doorway.

Indeed, there is a certain dry humour about goth that is often overlooked amid tales of black-clad youths worshipping Satan and, in one case, carrying out the Columbine massacre. “That wasn’t goths,” insists Brill. “The guys who did it always wore black trench coats but they listened to Marilyn Manson. There’s an academic article: Why Marilyn Manson Isn’t Goth.” Brill insists that goth is a non-violent subculture. “They’re like hippies. I don’t know any goths who are into graveyard destruction or cat slaughtering. They like their graveyards and they love their cats.” [[ It is always fascinating to talk to experienced Doormen & “Bouncers”. They always have dan same Story das how Goth Clubs are dun least Violent. This does not fit in with Big Brother’s Agenda so Big Brother selects, amplifies or simply Manufactures Stories that Goths are morbidly Violent & People are justified into attacking & marginalizing them ]]
Nor do drugs seem to be much of a problem. “Speed is a goth drug because the ideal is to be skinny,” says Unsworth. “But for most of us it was Blue Nun wine because Wayne Hussey from the Mission drank it.”
So perhaps parents shouldn’t be too worried that a new generation of goths is cropping up again. There’s a goth couple on Coronation Street. Hosein’s bands include Black Wire, who wear black eyeliner, winklepickers and sound a lot like the Sisters of Mercy, although they had never heard them until they started rifling through his record collection. For some goths – who run T-shirt businesses or enterprises such as Whitby’s biannual Gothic festival – goth can become a livelihood as well as a way of life. But most simply drop back into the mainstream. [[ Most Goths don’t simply drop back into the Mainstream. Dar Mainstream Media is hostile to Real Goths. Everyday Big Brother & Big Sister carpet Bomb our Subconscious with subliminal messages saying that being oner Real Goth is Bad, being aner superficial Consumer consuming Goth is good. Goths that drop back into dam Mainstream MATRIX are casualties.]]
Louise (she prefers not to give her surname) works in credit risk in Leeds. Aged 34, she got into goth music 17 years ago and now has tickets for the upcoming Sisters of Mercy tour. She reckons about “four or five people” at her workplace are former goths. “There’s a kind of gaydar that lets you spot them.” Goalard the dentist is now 39 but refuses to wear the white smock, preferring to top his boots with a black uniform. Faithful to the last, he plays Nine Inch Nails and Killing Joke songs as he drills.
“It never entirely leaves you,” says Unsworth. “I still look at the world of beer boys and Tories and feel a beating heart of darkness.”

[[ Being uner Goth is not anen Fashion Statement or anen rebellious Life Style or some Intellectual Superiority. It is onen calling back to your Ancestral Roots. Goths that are rooted in their Ancestral Roots can see onen Future because they witness their Eternal Returns. ]]


Prevalent Resistance – The Eternal Return

Can you gaze through the drapes of time
As I do with my blazing, lidless eye
That pierces illusionary material obstacles
Gleaming out of sight, streaming absent of light

Have you seen the twilight burn
Closing in on the demiurgical chambers
Falming with black abyssal truth
Purifying and cleansing the fading embers

Through exalted past of spiritual puissance
Powers of will shall be regained
Atavism reaching for astral quintessence
Divinity running through profane veins

Thruogh aeons of magic the lost shall learn
And against time a curse they will send
Blazing through the eternal return
A silent song for thsoe who seek without end

Oh, so it flickers, impossible for you to witness
A sight more horrifing than life
Yet comforting in tis imminent emptiness
All hope forgotten as nothingness in the night

There along with forgotten idols shreds of humanity wither in the flames
Of a new, profound age of war and chaos. Kali dancing for mankind’s bane

To the prime accuser without flaw
To the ageless entity resounds our sermon
We are the race that preys onf life of law
Knowledge from your evil glory, Amon!

An unconscious, sleeping microcosm
Never for the sins of man may be atoned
Lost drops in the ocean of creation
Dreaming in a hollow tone, as one singing to the naiad’s drone

Odin drinking from Mimir's Horn"No man am I, O Mimir, but Odin, Father of Asas and men. Refuse not to me the gift of wisdom; for though I can see all things that happen in heaven and earth, I cannot see what lies beneath the deep nor can I see what shall happen in the future. Give, me, therefore, the draught of wisdom and I wil pay you whatsoever you demand." But Mimir still refused. "We giants are of elder race than ye Asas be," he said, "and all the wisdom in the world is in our hands. If I give you to drink of this water you will become wise even as we are, and an enemy more dangerous than ever.""Nevertheless," replied Odin firmly, "you must give me the water, and I will pay you whatsoever you may ask."Then Mimir, feeling sure that such a payment would be refused, said, "I will give you the magic draught in return for one of your eyes."But to his amazement, for the god was very proud of his keen vision, Odin at once plucked forth an eye and handed it to him, saying: "No price is too high to pay for wisdom." from How All-Father Odin Became Wise

from “2: URHDR’S WELL: THE WORKINGS OF WYRD” Gundarsson’s TEUTONIC MAGIC, c1990, published 1990 ISBN 0-87542-291-8

“Perhaps the most notable difference between modern thought-patterns and those of the ancient Germanic people, which relates to the most essential theory of runic working, is the concept of time and being in relationship to time. Modern Western culture has absorbed the threefold Greco-Roman concept of time as “past” (that which has gone before), “present” (that which is), and “future” (that which will be). It is easy to associate these concepts with the three Norns Urdhr, Verdhandi, and Skuld. It is also incorrect. The Germanic time-sense is not threefold, but twofold: time is divided into “that- which-is,” a concept encompassing everything that has ever happened–not as a linear progression, but as a unity of interwoven layers and “that-which-is-becoming,” the active changing of the present as it grows from the patterns set in that-which-is. That- which-is is the Germanic “world,” a word literally cognate to the Norse ver-öld, “age of a man.” One will notice that even in modern English, there is no true future tense; the future can only be formed through the use of modal auxiliaries. For the Teutonic mind, all that has been is still immediate and alive; the present only exists as it has been shaped by the great mass of what is, and the future only as the patterns of that which is becoming now should shape in turn. Without this understanding of time in the Teutonic world, your power of reading and writing the runes will be at best limited, at worst in error and unpredictable in result.” p.7

“The second level of the Well of Wyrd is the well of Mimir, whose name means “memory.” Mimir is described as “wisest of the etin-kind,” having gained his wisdom by drinking every day from this well, which is to say, by the continual internalization of the entire temporal unity of the ever-growing world. It is significant that Mimir is an etin and that the description of Mimir’s well places it in Jotunheimr, the dwelling of pre-conscious forces, when you consider the nature of this level of the well: the primeval forces welling from Hvergelmir are here filtered through the awareness of every- thing that has happened since the first union of fire and ice. It is in this level of the well that the intertwined layers of that-which-is may be found and understood; students of general occultism will see a resemblance to the Akashic Record here. Everything that has happened-all the events and patterns making up the entirety of the world (“ver-öld”) exists within Mimir’s well. This is the aspect of the Well to which one comes in order to reawaken the ancestral memories, as described in the Rite of Mimir (p.282).” p.9