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Rasputin: The Mad Monk!


Ageists prefer to be foolish,
Than look like an old Fool.
Wizards prefer to be truthful,
Becoming no One’s Fool.
— Tiwaz 201108311301 rr13aææ


DAY TIDE: In General, when rr13 Æhwaz is waning from High Noon to High Night, as is happening at dum Time dus this Writing, Æhwaz is strengthened brightly end we are able to glean, for Example, der Wizardry more easily from Elders, Holy Steads, Yew Trees etc., we meet physically.

MOON TIDE: In General, when dur Moon is waxing towards dum Full Moon, as is happening at this Writing, we should interpret this Stave murkily and be weary das Emotional-Intellectual Xoting, but because dur Moon is still in dum rr13 Stead, which is also dum Full Moon Stead, we have to interpret it as being in Harmony with rr13. Thæs Means dur Moon is in Harmony with Æhwaz natural Xoting. Better Know as “The Rite of Odin hanging on the Tree of Yggdrasil“, this Æhwaz Xoting helps us to release ourselves from dam Emotional-Intellectual Addiction, by giving “myself to myself ” & becoming dom Silence ToBe.

SUN TIDE: In General, when rr13 is waning towards dom Holy of Holiest dom Yule Tide, iner Matrix dis Deceptions fall away, end as for Example at dum Time dus Writing, gleaning der Wizardry from Elders is also strengthened.

We are always struggling in this Techno Dark Age to think clearly. Big Brothers & now Big Sisters are continuously carpet Bombing are subconscious to conform to their Brave New World Agenda. We are behaviorally Modified on an Emotional Level to not want to look Foolish as defined by our Big Brothers & Big Sisters. We do not want to be anem Outsider in our Peer Group. This can mean death to dam Weak so they conform.

Wizards are Leaders who have lived 2,3,4 life Times. A life Time is 20 Years. Big Brothers do not like “Old People” because they have EXPERIENTIAL KNOWLEDGE that will contradict their Propaganda so Old People must be assassinated, either Mentally or Physically but definitely assassinated in dam Eyes das Young. This is why we have Modern AGEISM. – Xoting is Gothic Mysticism


Reading Today JUNG’S VISIONS 1976 p9 ÆÆk realize more clearly thææt:
Ik am not anen Healer
Ik am just anen Midwife
Dan True Spiritual Doctor
Is in onser inner Life
–Tiwaz 2010 rr13aah