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Every Word is a Brick
That keeps us in Jail
No-Thought breaks
Us Out without Fail
–Tiwaz 201103251559 rr13auu

ÆÆner ur Stage of dom Xoting is dæn No-Thought. ÆÆt can be reached thru dom Rudolf Xoting.

Going over some Notes that I made in Jungs’s Kundalini Book awhile ago, it becomes more apparent that what I Experience and what they describe from “original texts” is d same Problem that I have between Mysticism of Christianity based on Experiential Reality n d Religion of Christianity based on Texts. St John d Gospel talks about “In the beginning was the Word” (Jn. 1:1) but in my Experience “In d Beginning was d Experience”. Thoughts based on Texts are open to deceiving Realities and oppressive Matrixes. Texts can be Preached, Bought and Sold but not Experiences. Texts and Spiritual Leaders have their Value in bringing ONE to d Water of Possibilities but it is d ONE who awakens to their own Infinite Possibilities that must be d Sovereign Core of any Spiritual Discipline. Every Being has THE Immanent Right to that Spiritual Awakening! –TIWAZ 200911151252 rr13ohh