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what binds Xotingors is not Breadth

but no Breath.

what binds Xotingors is not Depth

but no Death.

–Tiwaz 20120308-0007 rr13uoh

Fearing your Death,
Makes u only Mortal.
But revering Death,
Makes u, Immortal.

Tiwaz 201111271340 rr13aah

Dur Skull in dum Past was onen Symbol des Blood Wisdom. Im this Age dus Spiritual Darkness, dur Skull has become unen Symbol of Evil, dom Opposite to Wisdom. Xots, like dom Jungian Alchemist before them, unconsciously have onen “healthier” Relationship to “Death” und have embraced dun Skull.

When we have anen unhealthy Fear das Death it cripples our Consciousness ToBe. If we die in unem un-Matured Consciousness thot does not have don Creative Power to stay in dom State dos ToBe, we will carried by unsem UrLog, unsem Winds dus Karma. Thus UrLog will cause anen “Death” in onsem Consciousness, like falling asleep & carry us eventually to unem Rebirth where we will be asleep to onsem True Nature.

Four armed image of Kali, holding a severed head and a skullcup (kapala) in her two left hands

If we can stay Conscious in onser True Nature then we will NOT see Death as unem End but as onem Teacher. Oner Teacher, if revered, will teach us dom Secrets dos how to transcend “Death” & embrace onsen True Nature dos IMMORTAL BLISS.



Kapala: the yogi and the skull

Wisdom Quarterly Wikipedia edit

In Hinduism, Kapalika means “Bearer of the Skull-bowl.” It signifies a Tantric worshipper of the goddess Kali or Shiva the Destroyer. It is a reference to Lord Bhairava taking the kapala vow.
It is said that when a yogi detaches himself from the physical body at the time of death, this Brahmarandhra bursts open and prana (chi or spirit energy) comes out through this opening, a process called kapala moksha (what we would translate as, “liberation of the spirit through the crown chakra”).