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Very good quick explanation of SIDEREAL TIME! See more at: Sidereal Time

Sidereal time is time kept with respect to the distant stars.


I would agree that what Today passes as Astrology is really a Form of Stupification. This Stupification of Astrology started in d 16th n 17th Century by Judeo-Christianity which emphasized Jehovah n Satan as d Super Stars of d new Universe replacing d Xotik “Metod” n “Weird” or Greek “Reason”. Reason like Astronomy has it’s Roots in d Astrologers. These Wizards “scientifically” mapped the movement of the Constellation and constructed a multidimensional Clock for Divination that not only worked on d Physical World but also on d Mental n Spiritual World. Modern Psychology like d Jungian Individuation Process has been deeply Influenced by Astrology’s Mental n Spiritual Mapping. On d Physical World these Astrologers could not only accurately predict when to plant for a good Harvest for the Year but could predict d movement of Planets thousands of years in d Future. Later “the last of the great medieval astrologers” Galileo helped set the Scene for Newton’s Theory of Gravity that helped predict how Planets effected the Earth n made Space Travel Possible. To Reason that Gravitational Forces from d Universe have an Effect on Bodies but does not Effect Minds is just another Form of Stupification. D real Question is not do Planets have an Effect on our Minds but to what extent do they Effect our Minds. In d Past People where more deeply in Harmony with the Awesome Power of their Astrological Destiny. ToDay People r so Stupified n Programmed by Mass Media that d only Planets or Stars they r influenced by r manufactured on TV. It now takes Paranormal Conscious Effort to tap into d Spiritual Unfoldment of d Universe as Divine Immortality.