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The other day someone warned me not to get to close to them because it sounded like I had a cold. We all recognize that we can catch diseases. A lot of us realize that we can “catch” pollutants but few will acknowledge that we can “catch” BELIEFS.

Most of our Beliefs, directly or indirectly are caught from being continuously exposed to MSM (Main Stream Media) Manipulation. Since unconsciously we are engineered to believe, that we are our Thoughts, this engineered Belief is now jealously defended because our SELF WORTH is tied to it. In other words, possessing this Belief, this GANGLIA OF THOUGHTS, becomes part of our Survival. If this Belief is challenged, it challenges our RIGHT TO EXIST. We will become emotionally hostile and will find Facts that support our Belief and ignore Facts that do not support our Right to Exist. If we have to distort the Facts, this is a “JUST” MEANS because in the END we are saving our own life. THE MEANS JUSTIFY THE ENDS.

Once we have the KRAFT to change our POV (Point of View), thru Things like Spiritual Disciplines, we will see that Beliefs are a Battle Ground to control our Minds. Who ever controls our Minds controls our Actions. One of the first concrete Steps, we can take to freeing our Minds is realizing, viscerally thru deep Meditation, not just Intellectually, that WE ARE NOT OUR THOUGHTS.

I always find it scary when I see PROOF of Things I believe in. I know from experience that BELIEVE is one of the most seductive ways to find your self BRAIN WASHED!

–Tiwaz #rr11-Believe