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Hexen dus old would grow,
Moldy Fungi Rye Bread.
Flying oak hard Brooms,
Inner Lusts would spread.
— Tiwaz 20140812 ‪#‎rr05‬ #‎Rune‬ ‪#‎Elhaz

Hexenreiten | kreidebleich Hexe_Mirror


RAIDHO divines RETURN to our spiritual roots.

Tiwaz Stud


When Runekasting RAIDHO at unem Time das Emotional Turmoil it is Time to RETURN to our spiritual Roots.

when AAk have Thoughts dus Death as uunem Escape, AAk come out of it by realizing thaet AAk am not maas Thoughts. emotional Thoughts occult mos True Nature in duum same Way duur Sun occults duun Universe thut gave dun Sun it’s Life. when UUk am in dum Sun’s Light, UUk can no longer experience duus awesome majestic Power duus Night Sky. terminating Life through Death is anen Illusion das Thought. Dur night Sky can not be destroyed by killing dum day Sun. feelings daas Death for ma is aanen Sign that Ik need to withdraw from Life ond spend more Time mot mos True Nature dom Night Sky mot it’s billions dos Stars pregnant mot infinite Possibilities. 200908222031 rr05auo

Raidho would be due south. Although the diagram is based on a Joseph Campbell Process, the idea of RETURN (Abyss death & rebirth) is similar to the XOTING.


When runecasting RAIDHO at a time of emotional turmoil it is time to RETURN to our spiritual roots.

When I have thoughts of death as an escape, I come out of it by realizing that I am not my thoughts. Emotional Thoughts occult my true nature in the same way the sun occults the universe that gave the sun it’s life. When I am in the sun’s light, I can no longer experience the awesome majestic power of the night sky. Terminating life through death is an illusion of thought. The night sky can not be destroyed by killing the day sun. Feelings of death for me is a sign that I need to withdraw from life and spend more time with my true nature the night sky with it’s billions of stars pregnant with infinite possibilities. 200908222031 rr05auo