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Find don Thor Strength to fight for dom Silence ToBe.

From now on, should anyone hidden among the Saxons as a non-baptized person wish to remain in concealment, who disdains to come to baptism and wishes to remain a pagan, let him be put to death. ( Law Code for the Saxon Territories 797 A.D.)

Where are d Protestors? Bulldozing Native American burial Sites is Bad. Bulldozing Palestinian Homes is Bad. Bulldozing Xots (Goths/Asatru) Holy Sites is just Business? Where are d Witches, Wiccans, Heathens, Pagans, Gaians, New Agers? Too busy protesting on behalf of Polar Bears that can’t swim?

Where are d UN Resolutions of Protest. Where is d call for Regime Change & No Fly Zones? Too busy “saving” Iraqis, Afghans, Libyans, Syrians from CIA/Mossad Black Ops? When u destroy a People’s Religious Sites is this not a form of Ethnic Cleansing? Apparently not if they are Xotik (Gothic/Asatru) Temples then it is just a Money Deal?

Charles began his final solution for the Saxon problem of deporting Saxons, as early as 799. Saxon families were expelled and sent to other parts of the empire as serfs and unfree labor and their land was distributed among his men. This was carried further 804 when Charles “deported all Saxons living beyond the Elbe and in Wihmnodi with wives and children into Francia and gave the districts beyond the Elbe to the Obodrites.” This relocation of the population put an end to the Saxon resistance. No more resistance to Frankish rule is heard of after this date until 842. (Charlemagne, The Church And the Saxon Conquest, By Paul Edstrom 10 Dec 2002)

Do not be fooled. D 2,000 year old Crusade & Inquisition to exterminate Xots by wiping their Real Culture off d Map of History is still going on Strong. This destruction of a 6th or 5th century BCE “Temple” later honouring Thor, Odin, Frey and Freya in Norway is proof of this. D only thing that this Crusade & Inquisition wants to stand is d Negative or Cartoon Re-Writing of Xotik History: Goths are perverted, violent BARBARIANS & in League w Nasties; Asatru r dangerous Right Wing Survivalists in League with Terrorists; Witches are Ugly & in League w Odin, I mean Satan.

It is a Time to go beyond Politics, beyond, Manufactured Racial Strife, beyond Comparative Religious Reductionism, beyond “Spiritual Materialism” & reclaim our Xoting, our Mystical Silence ToBe. This is why I have called my Talks in Toronto, “Gothic Mysticism: RECLAIMING …… ”


Saturday, March 31, 2012

An Asatru Temple Unearthed in Norway. And Then…

The site was old; dating from the fifth century. A circle of stones, 15 meters across and each stone standing a meter high, provided a central focal point. Leading up to the circle was a processional road that had not felt a human foot for a thousand years. To one side there had been a wooden structure supported by strong wooden pillars resting on firm stone footings, but the wood had disappeared long ago. The whole array had been carefully, lovingly buried in peat, preserved from plow and weather, deliberately hidden from those who would harm it, awaiting the day it would be safe to once again acknowledge the old Gods. Surely, those who covered it must have thought, the Christian madness will someday pass and our descendants will be glad that we have saved this for them…

When an intact pre-Christian temple was unearthed in Norway, archeologists were overwhelmed. Comments like “Unique!” and “Unprecedented!” splashed across Internet news pages.

But now, it has been demolished – bulldozed to make way for a housing development.

Could the pagans of old, as they tenderly buried the holiest place they knew, have imagined a world where gold was more important than Gods? Where their own descendants would raze their temple so that the profane houses of thralls would forever crush that which they loved? When the steel blade of the bulldozer bit into the sacred earth, the present spat on the past. The clear intentions of the ancestors were ruthlessly betrayed…for money.

.. Who owns the ancestors? Who owns the Gods? Is there a “right” to bulldoze an ancient holy site in Norway or, as has been done, to level an ancient stone circle in Ireland…for profit? The most important things cannot be owned by anyone: I do not “own” my family name. I merely borrow it to pass on, with added honor, to my sons. I do not “own” the genetic and cultural inheritance left me by my forefathers and foremothers; this too I have only borrowed from my ancestors. They are not mine to destroy.

One of the old rune poems says that “Gold causes strife among kinsmen. The wolf grows up in the woods.” … And the wolf…he is none other than Fenris, the wolf restrained only by the bonds of love and kinship that we forge with each other, from generation to generation and across the centuries. When he is loosed, Ragnarok – the great battle at the end of this cycle of time – ensues.

The temple so lovingly preserved by Norwegians a thousand years ago emerged in this time and place for a reason. This is the time of Awakening – awakening, that is, if the Gods of honor and valor can win against the gods of gold and whoredom…if men and women will remember the ancestors…if blood runs true.

.. I call on Odin and Frigga, Thor and Sif, Frey and Freya! I call on the ancestors all-holy, and the heroes who sleep in the mounds! Let us remember that we are the sons and daughters of warriors and poets, mystics and seers, adventurers and explorers! Even now, the old Gods stir. Organizations dedicated to the indigenous faith of the Northlands – called Asatru, or Odinism, or “Our Faith” or by many other names – exist in many countries. Like the emergence of a forgotten Norwegian hof in 2012, they are here because a wind of awakening blows through the World Tree. Because…it is time.

We will chain the wolf.

Update – The stones from the site have been removed and stored, though the place itself has been “developed,” as they say. To follow the situation, go to the Facebook page “Bevar veet pa Ranheim.” There is a web site at . We must support this effort in any way we can. I will post more information as I get it.

Steve McNallen

Asatru Folk Assembly



Unique pagan temple unearthed in Norway

Posted by TANN

A fascinating discovery is shedding light upon pre-Christian Scandinavian religion and early Christian inroads into Norway. In the Norwegian press, this highly important find is being called “unparalleled,” “first of its kind” and “unique,”said to have been “deliberately and carefully hidden” – from invading and destructive Christians.

The excavated temple [Credit: Preben Rønne, Science Museum/NTNU]
… Occupied from the 6th or 5th century BCE until the 10th century AD/CE, the site shows signs of usage for animal sacrifice, a common practice among different peoples in antiquity. Over 1,000 years ago, the site was dismantled and covered by a thick layer of peat, evidently to protect it from marauding Christian invaders. ……Animal blood sacrifice The god temple may have been built sometime around or after the year 400 AD, thus used for hundreds of years until the people emigrated to avoid Christianity’s “straitjacket.” It consisted of a stone-set “sacrificial altar” and also traces of a “pole building” that probably housed idols in the form of sticks with carved faces of Thor, Odin, Frey and Freya. Deceased relatives of high rank were also portrayed in this way and attended. Nearby, the archaeologists also uncovered a procession route.

Strange burial mound 

Artist’s rendering of the original ‘god temple,’ with sacrifice altar, staff house in center and procession on road to left [Credit: Preben Rønne, Science Museum/NTNU]
… says Rønne. “Approximately in the middle of the excavation, we had to admit that it was not a burial mound but a sacrificial altar, in the Norse sources called a ‘horg.’ It was made up of both round ‘dome rocks’ and stone slabs. During our work, we found two glass beads, and also some burned bones and traces of a wooden box that had been filled with red-brown sand/gravel and a cracked boiling stone. Among the bones, we found part of a skull and several human teeth. …The latest dating of the god temple is between 895 and 990 AD. Precisely during this period Christianity was introduced by heavy-handed methods into Norway. This meant that many left the country to retain their original god-belief….Unique in Norway 

Large pre-Christian cult sites in Scandinavia – often large settlements with a large central hall, frequently with a smaller attached building – have been found not in Norway, but, rather, in Central and Southern Sweden (Skåne), also in eastern Denmark.

Glass beads which were found during the excavation on the top of the altar [Credit: Preben Rønne, Science Museum/NTNU]
“In the sacrificial altar, we found a fire pit that actually lay directly on the prehistoric plow layer. The charcoal from this grave is now dated to 500-400 BC. Thus, the place could have been regarded as sacred or at least had a special status long before the stone altar was built. In the prehistoric plow layer under the fire pit, we could clearly see the traces of plowing with an ‘ard,’ a plow precursor,” said Rønne.According to Rønne, it was easy to interpret [the building] as a god temple from the Norse sources. So it was also from precisely the Trøndelag area that the largest exodus of people who would retain their freedom and not become Christians took place. A large part of them went to Iceland between 870 and 930 AD, i.e., during the time of Harald Fairhair. In all, 40 people from Trøndelag are specifically mentioned in the Norse sources. In Iceland, their descendants later wrote a large part of these sources….Authors: Acharya S/D.M. Murdock  | Source: Freethought Nation [March 16, 2012]

 Time to lay Claim to your priceless ancient Spring with mystical healing Powers



THE SHAMAN’S SOURCE (original title)
Released as AVENGING WARRIORS (Toronto 1990)
LENGTH  @ 84 Minutes
An action adventure Movie shot in Southern Ontario, CANADA. One of the first Films to use Native People in Leading Roles.

STORY LINE: Three modern day North American Indians compete with ruthless White Developers to be the first to lay claim on a priceless ancient Spring with mystical healing Powers.





DIRECTOR: Robert Bouvier

STORY EDITOR: (Tiwaz) Andreas Schneider
WRITERS: John Gregory & Brian Dick

Billy Merasty as Mathew Hare
Eric Schweig as Robert Crow
Jim Kewakundo as Russ Thunder
Duke Redbird as Steve Forbisher
Gladys Taylor as Louise

PRODUCERS: Robert Bouvier & (Tiwaz) Andreas Schneider

DISTRIBUTOR: Transcontinental Pictures Industries

An ongoing Argument that I have with myself is: Should onen Mystic be Political or should they completely stay out of Politics? My feeling is that they should completely stay out of Politics but this seems impossible in a Oppressive Society.

Dor very Nature dos dom Mystic is to liberate dom Soul. Uner Oppressive Society does not want dom Soul liberated but oppressed.

D New Copyright Laws, in my Opinion, r just more Trojan Horses attacking FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.

Protecting People from Liable or Hateful Speech n Protecting People’s Intellectual Property r Important but not at d Expense of Freedom of Expression.

Like d so called “Hate Laws”, these new Copyright Laws, in my Opinion, will be used by d Ruling Regime to put in jail anyone who exposes their Crimes. Like d Hate Laws, there r worthy Victims n Unworthy Victims. Worthy Victims that support d Ruling Regime will be protected n Unworthy Victims who criticise d Ruling Elite will not only NOT be protected but will persecuted through prosecution of Infractions Worthy Victims get away with.

Not only is Freedom of Expression Fundamental for a Healthy Society it is d Foundation that all other Rights must be built on. Therefore all of us must vigorously Protest any attack on this Fundamental Right.


The Copyright Conspiracy is not about protecting rights but about enforcing propaganda against the population!
Jun 6th, 2011 @ 03:04 am › sakerfa

Propaganda is constantly being picked apart by the alternative media outlets so they are losing money not because of piracy and fair use of their intellectual property but that they feel they have lost money because people aren’t accepting their propaganda anymore…

Note: The Establishment loves spreading propaganda but would be a waste of money if people could be allowed to speak against it so that must be extinguished by copyright infringement law reform. They will reform the copyright laws to penalize anyone speaking out or criticizing any propaganda being held against the people.

The Mainstream Media puts out the propaganda of the left vs. right and dividing up people instead of putting people together to fight for rights, liberties, and a common cause. Now whenever someone like me starts putting out parodies, satires, videos debunking the mainstream media, videos debunking the propaganda given out by the Pentagon and Northcom, the CIA and DHS, the NSA and FBI, and the office of the President. Propaganda is constantly being picked apart by the alternative media outlets so they are losing money not because of piracy and use of their intellectual property but that they feel they have lost money because people aren’t accepting their propaganda anymore and honest peoples words being twisted to create more division and hate to keep people from truly standing up for their rights.

So what do the mainstream media do when they keep losing money and no one wants to buy their newspapers since it’s full of propaganda??? SUE THEM ALL!!!!!! and Call them thieves!

More and more the Fair Use boundaries keep getting smaller and smaller as the big industries have the money to throw around these copyright lawsuits against the little guy that can’t even afford an attorney. Hoping most would settle, would keep their monopoly and fear of liability in place. Also by using the mainstream media powers they were able to get a majority of people around the world to assume that copying any photo or anything is the same as stealing a car or robbing a store. It is definitely not the same and is propaganda by the IP Maximalists.

Then once they make everyone afraid of posting a YouTube video or bringing out the truth then the mainstream media can hopefully restart their propaganda machine that will get high ratings. Once they convince people that they are the good guys then people will start buying their newspapers again and live life as a usual slave that will never see the light of truth again.

So copyrights basically are being owned by the elitists as income for letting people use their free stuff online such as search engines, social networks, and other free services. Anything we do on the Internet may actually be owned by the corporations so by simply copying another persons work which they do consent to, you can still be sued if that person you copied their work from signed any kind of legal agreement with Google, Facebook,, or anywhere else that they own copyrights to that persons personal and non-commercial work.

So how can we fight back against their propaganda? The usual way is exposing it and try to protect Fair Use Exemptions as much as possible because without Fair Use, the elite would already have their way with us and jailing us for running a truth movement blog.

The copyright movement by the IP Maximalists is all about protecting their propaganda from the critics and truth speakers. They don’t want alternative media and blogs picking apart their propaganda since they paid so much money and making so much money off of brainwashing the public and making them believe that things have to go a certain way and that anything different would be taboo.

The copyright enforcement that the elite is pushing for is only to enforce their propaganda upon the populace, to criminalize waking people up with sunglasses like that movie ‘They Live!’ where police were attacking anyone who tried to distribute the truth sunglasses. Copyrights today are not what was intended by the founding fathers or anyone who does want to protect the content by the little guy. Copyrights today are all for enslaving the population to just accept the propaganda and never stand up to it or expose it.

I noticed one thing when I was being sued by a copyright enforcer over being against the TSA gropings, that people from both the left and right of the political spectrum were against what the copyright enforcer did to me. They both felt that my rights were infringed and after that the mainstream media networks were afraid that both sides were coming together to fight for a common cause instead of accepting the brainwashed propaganda.

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Telling me who I can not criticize,
Tells me where d real Power lies.

–Tiwaz 201104220903 rr03auu

Every Human Being has the INALIENABLE RIGHT to Actualize their Spiritual Unfoldment with in the Cultural they choose. Leaving out Holidays in Countries, where those Holidays form a Cultural Foundation, can lead to Cultural and Spiritual Genocide. World Cultures, including Islam, Judaism and Christianity have a very long History of exterminating other Cultures in the Name of “Truths”. They have a Right to their “Truths” and a Right to express those “Truths”, like all other Cultures and Spiritual Traditions. Freedom of Speech is a Corner Stone of all other Rights but this does not give hostile Cultures the Right to use Force or use Deception to impose their “Truths” on Others. This no longer becomes an Issue of Freedom of Speech but of Criminality. This is War against another Culture & their Spirituality. Cultural and Spiritual Genocide are the HIGHEST of HIGH CRIMES. They are Crimes against all Humanity and must be Prosecuted swiftly, with Extreme Prejudice, under the International Rule of Law. –Tiwaz 201101180951 Rr03auh


European Commission criticised for omitting Christmas on EU school diary

Posted by EU Times on Dec 21st, 2010

The European Commission has come under fire for producing more than three million copies of an EU diary for secondary schools which contains no reference to Christmas but includes Jewish, Hindu, Sikh and Muslim festivities.

More than 330,000 copies of the diaries, accompanied by 51 pages of glossy information about the EU, have been delivered to British schools as a “sought after” Christmas gift to pupils from the commission.

But Christians have been angered because the diary section for December 25 is blank and the bottom of the page with Christmas Day is marked only with the secular message: “A true friend is someone who shares your concerns and will double your joy”.

While the euro calendar marks Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Jewish and Chinese festivities as well as Europe Day and other key EU anniversaries, there are no Christian festivals marked, despite the fact Christianity is Europe’s majority religion.


Italy calls on EU to withdraw schools diary that leaves out Christmas

  • John Hooper in Rome
  •, Thursday 23 December 2010 18.30 GMT
  • Franco Frattini

    Italy's foreign minister Franco Frattini, left, accused the EU of 'offending all the world's Christians'. Photograph: Franco Origlia/Getty Images

    Italy has demanded that the European Commission recall millions of diaries that are being distributed to schoolchildren throughout the EU because they do not mention Christmas but they do give the dates of other religions’ festivals, such as Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting, and Sikh, Hindu and Chinese feast days.

    Silvio Berlusconi’s foreign minister, Franco Frattini, called the omission “an indecency”. In a message on his Facebook page, he said: “In addition to offending all the world’s Christians, it contradicts the fundamental principle of the freedom and dignity of all religious denominations, which is a basis of the European Union.”


France attacks ‘Christian-free’ EU diary

“Are we ashamed of our Christian identity?” France’s Minister of European Affairs Laurent Wauquiez asked at a press briefing. “Are we ashamed that the Europe of church towers was the base of our European identity?”