Xots protect their A-Mor Roses with Thorns

Goth w Rose @ Cemetery from http://www.free-hdwallpapers.com/wallpaper/abstract/witches-mourning/87235

Xots duus Dark Thorns have deen Dark Blood Roses Inside.

They amour them selves muut spiked Hair uund spiked Clothing to protect deem *A-Mor Rose inside.


(Goths of Dark Thorns have the Dark Blood Roses inside. They amour them selves with spiked Hair and spiked Clothing to protect *A-Mor Rose inside.)

“When we talk about the religion of love of the troubadours, of the initiated knights of the Grail, of the true Rosicrucians, we must try to discover what lies behind their language. In those days, love did not mean the same thing as it does in our day. The word *Amor (Love) was a cipher, it was a code word. Amor spelt backwards is Roma. That is, the word indicated, in the way in which it was written, the opposite to Roma, to all that Rome represented. Also *Amor broke down into ‘a’ and ‘mor’, meaning *Without-Death. That is, to become immortal, eternal, thanks to the way of initiation of A-Mor. A way of initiation totally opposed to the way of Rome. An esoteric, solar Kristianity. The Gnostic Kristianity of Meister Eckhart. And mine. Because I have tried to teach western man to resurrect Kristos in his soul. Because Kristos is the Self for western man.

“This is why *Roma destroyed *Amor, the Cathars, the Templars, the Lords of the Grail, the *Minnesinger, everything which may have originated in the ‘Hyperborean Blood Memory’ and which may have had a polar, solar origin.

“The love talked and written about so much in novels, poetry and magazines, the love of one’s neighbour, the universal love of the churches, love of humanity, has nothing whatsoever to do with ‘loveless love’ (A-Mor, Without-Death), which is a harsh discipline, as cold as ice, as cutting as a sword, and which aspires to overcome the human condition in order to reach the Kingdom of the Immortals, Ultima Thule.” pp 73

Title: Nos: Book Of The Resurrection
Author: Miguel Serrano,G. Jacobson,
Copyright: 1984
ISBN-10: 0710098286


*”a-mor” means without Death & has d Connotation of Love.

a- (2) Look up a- at Dictionary.com
prefix meaning “not,” from L. a-, short for ab “away from” (e.g. avert), or its cognate, Gk. a-, short for apo “away from, from,” both cognate with Skt. apa “away from,” Goth. af, O.E. of (see apo-).

mor, mort = mortal, death (mortal, immortal, mortality, mortician, mortuary)

To make as if dead; to destroy. Amotus A·mo”tus adjective [ Latin , withdrawn (from it…place).] Amour A·mour” noun [ French, from Latin amor love.] 1. Love …

amour (n.) Look up amour at Dictionary.com

c.1300, “love,” from O.Fr. amour, from L. amorem (nom. amor) “love, affection, strong friendly feeling” (it could be used of sons or brothers, but especially of sexual love), from amare “to love” (see Amy). The accent shifted 15c.-17c. to the first syllable as the word became nativized, then shifted back as the naughty or intriguing sense became primary and the word was felt to be a euphemism.

A common ME word for love, later accented ámour (cf. enamour). Now with suggestion of intrigue and treated as a F[rench] word. [Weekley]