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Science can keep us alive,
Robotically we live.
But Spirituality grounds us,
In Spirits that give.
– Tiwaz 20131113-1705

#RUNE #Raidho (Repenting, Returning Riding to #Uruz)

Your Goth flows in blood
Not in a fetish weave!
You can walk away
But you can never leave!
–Tiwaz 20130805-1329

 Time to lay Claim to your priceless ancient Spring with mystical healing Powers



THE SHAMAN’S SOURCE (original title)
Released as AVENGING WARRIORS (Toronto 1990)
LENGTH  @ 84 Minutes
An action adventure Movie shot in Southern Ontario, CANADA. One of the first Films to use Native People in Leading Roles.

STORY LINE: Three modern day North American Indians compete with ruthless White Developers to be the first to lay claim on a priceless ancient Spring with mystical healing Powers.





DIRECTOR: Robert Bouvier

STORY EDITOR: (Tiwaz) Andreas Schneider
WRITERS: John Gregory & Brian Dick

Billy Merasty as Mathew Hare
Eric Schweig as Robert Crow
Jim Kewakundo as Russ Thunder
Duke Redbird as Steve Forbisher
Gladys Taylor as Louise

PRODUCERS: Robert Bouvier & (Tiwaz) Andreas Schneider

DISTRIBUTOR: Transcontinental Pictures Industries

TV Star Jon Stewart poses for the 59th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. If u r well Programmed, Big Brother is not dan One u Hate but dan One u Love.

“Our job is to give people not what they want,
but what we decide they ought to have.”

— Richard Salent, Former President CBS News.

Holywood colonizes u w Images,
And Myths from Wide n Far,
Because Holywood can not sell u,
Dom Blood u already ARE.
201112041617 rr02aau

When we divine dur Uruz Rune (rr02), we r usually dealing w Roots especially r Ancestral Roots. Scientists Today frame our Roots in Terms of our Genetics but in our Ancestral Past it was framed in Terms of BLOOD. Our Blood was based on our Parents Blood, n that was based on their Parents Blood down a River of Blood to dum Beginning of Time, where dom Gods r Immortal. Dor Ancestral SPIRIT dos Blood can not be understood in Terms Genetics, Sociology, Psychology or any daes other Modern Sciences.

The instincts of merry England lingered on here with exceptional vitality, and the symbolic customs which tradition has attached to each season of the year were yet a reality on Egdon. Indeed, the impulses of all such outlandish hamlets are pagan still: in these spots homage to nature, self-adoration, frantic gaieties, fragments of Teutonic rites to divinities whose names are forgotten, seem in some way or other to have survived mediaeval doctrine. –Thomas Hardy

If this Rune is Augmented Favorably then it is Time to embrace your Roots. Read & watch Material dealing w dum Xots (Goths), Teutons, Anglo Saxons & even dum Celts before dum Christian Colonialization dus Europe. More importantly incorporate dun Xoting in your Life.

“… acquaintance with the first principles of spiritual science shows that every feeling of true devotion harbored in the soul develops a power which may, sooner or later, lead further on the path of knowledge.” — Rudolf Steiner


“Blood is enen quite special Fluid”
(Blut ist ein ganz besonderer Saft.)
Faust, Act I, Scene 4.

Any Colonial Tribe that wants to enslave another Tribe, needs to replace dum Tribes “Blood”. Dur easiest Way to replace unem Tribe is to simply exterminate them und have Colonialists take over their Land. This is what d British did in many of their Colonies. Another Way is to Breed them out of Existance through forced Miscegenation, but if you want to turn them into Chattel u need to not only control their Bodies but more importantly their Minds. Today Colonial Tribes use dan Power das Media, especially Holywood (Hollywood as d New “Church”), to exterminate anem Peoples “Blood” through false Cultures that have nothing to do w their Blood but everything to do w dam Colonialists Blood. Holywood teaches dun Conquered Tribe that dur Colonial Tribe’s Blood is Good n dur Conquered Tribes Blood is Evil aend this is Why they need to be turned into Chattel to pay for there Evil Blood. A good Example of this Today is how Holywood casts dan Teutonic Tribes, especially dan Deutsche Tribes as Evil n that they must continuously pay for their Evil. D Crimes that d Holy Crusaders of WW2 committed r far vaster than what d EVIL GUYS committed but in Holywood these Crimes of d Allies do not exist. In dum Past, dur Church was a good Example of this Process. Dur Church had Armies, Crusades, Inquisitions that would either Exterminate or use forced Miscegenation. If dum Conquered Tribe was lucky, they would be allowed to convert through Baptism. They would then have to eat dun Flesh und drink dun BLOOD dus their new “God”. This new God was onen Heretic Rabbi dripping in Blood nailed to unem Cross. Rabbi Joshua from Nazareth is now known as Jesus Christ.

Once dur Vanquished where “Christianized” they would be forced to build Churches which would be in dum 20th Century, TV Stations & Movie Theaters. Priests become News Anchor Men, preaching another Apocalypse, keeping People in Fear so that they will buy din newest Product to save their Souls from Evil. Musicians like Bach & Mozart where Rock Stars w contracts from dum Church. As long as these “Stars” produced Music & Stories that helped sell dun New Tribe, namely dun Judeo-Christian Church, their Stardom would rise .

If dur Uruz Rune is Augmented unfavorably then it is Time to eliminate Destructive Myths that r not from your Roots. Holywood is d new Church that generates false Roots, false Cultures n false Myths. This is a Time to take stock of Myths that you have become addicted to by Holywood. It is Time to turn your TV & Music Box off & stop going to dum Movie Temples. If u can not turn Holywood off, at least admit that you are addicted & anen Zombie of Holywood Programming. There is ænen Reason why they call it Programs.


Thomas Hardy (1840–1928), British novelist, poet. The Return of the Native, book sixth, ch. I (1878). The_instincts_of_merry_England_lingered_on_here. (n.d.). Columbia World of Quotations. Retrieved December 07, 2011, from website:

Rudolf Steiner “Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and its Attainment” English Copyright 1947, from a Deutsche Lecture in 1918

One who has no Fruit,
Is One with no Roots.
One who has a Future,
Is One with deep Roots
–Tiwaz 201104220159 rr02uaa


once we understand dun True History dus Xots then we understand why going to Hamburg was such a powerful Experience. Some dus first Xotik Tribes that came to England were dun Xotik soldiers serving in dum Roman Army. later between 400-600 AD Tribes migrated to England from northern Deutschland, dum northern part dus Netherlands und southern Scandinavia. dur largest City in this Area Now is Hamburg. Since dur Ingaevones formed dun bulk dus Anglo-Saxon settlement in England, they were speculated by Noah Webster to have given England its Name. Even later, dur English royal House was dus direct Xotik ancestry from King George I, dum Elector dus Hanover, in 1714 until Queen Victoria in 1837, und even she married a Xotik, Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

“While most 19th century Germans sailed directly {{to the US}} from the main ports of Bremen and Hamburg, a sizable number took the less expensive “indirect” route, especially from Hamburg. Many of these Germans on their way to America had to leave their ship in London, walk to Liverpool, and take another ship for North America. Of course, some ran out of money or energy (it’s a long way from London to Liverpool). Some were even told by the ship’s captain, in London, that they had arrived in America! Not understanding English, the captain had swindled them out of the rest of their passage.”

In simple Terms once dum Beatles where able to reconnect to their Roots they where able to Blossom.

BELOW FROM: The Local (
[Excerpted (…) n Pictures added by Tiwaz rr02uah]
It was fifty years ago today…
Published: 16 Aug 10 17:53 CET

The Beatles might have hailed from Liverpool, but the band that changed the world got its big break in Hamburg. David Sharp traces the steps of the Fab Four fifty years later.

When John Lennon was once asked what it was like growing up in Liverpool, he quipped: “I didn’t grow up in Liverpool. I grew up in Hamburg.”

That’s because though The Beatles formed in Liverpool, they learned their licks in the backstreet clubs of the gritty northern German port city.

When the Beatles rolled into the shabby dockland neighbourhood of St Pauli in a small van early in the morning of August 17, 1960, Hamburg’s post-war resurgence was just beginning.
That same night, the then Fab Five of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Pete Best and Stuart Sutcliffe, a raggle-taggle gang of leather-jacketed, pompadoured Scousers played their first gig at the Indra, a self-styled ‘music and vaudeville’ club. This tiny venue, at Große Freiheit 64, is still going strong today.
Fuelled by a heady mix of youthful enthusiasm, raw talent and Preludin pills, the nascent Beatles hurtled through an eclectic assortment of rock, pop, and R & B covers at high volume and breakneck speed. The boys bunked in a windowless cell behind the screen of a local cinema, the now defunct Bambi Kino, at nearby Paul-Roosen Strasse 33.
After two months of incessant gigging at the Indra, five hours a night for 30 marks each, owner Bruno Koschmider promoted The Beatles to his flagship club, the Kaiserkeller, a short stroll down Große Freiheit towards the neon lights of the Reeperbahn.
The band shared the bill with rival Liverpool group, Rory Storm & the Hurricanes, whose drummer happened to be Ringo Starr. …

A broken bottle’s throw away is the site of the Star Club (Große Freiheit 39), where The Beatles shared the bill with fellow Liverpudlians Gerry & the Pacemakers and big-name US acts like Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard. It went up in smoke in 1983 and only a gravestone-shaped plaque remains etched with the names of other Star Club legends such as Gene Vincent and Jimi Hendrix.

Prior to their stint at the famous Star Club the fledgling Beatles had graduated, in the words of McCartney to “the big club where we aspired to go,” The Top Ten, situated in a basement in the heart of the Reeperbahn (#136). Formerly the Hippodrome, a subterranean circus, today a disco, it was here the band really found their feet with an echo-laden, reverb-friendly sound system, perfect for The Beatles’ raucous performances, and slightly less dingy sleeping arrangements, in an attic above the club itself.

Round the corner is Paul Hundertmark’s Western Store where the Beatles assembled their trademark Hamburg look: cowboy boots, drainpipe jeans and Gene Vincent-style leather jackets. You can still go and get yourself kitted out in Beatles clobber at Paul’s store at Hundertmark 9. Then head for Wohlwillstrasse 22 and re-create the publicity shot taken by local snapper Jürgen Vollmer, who became a fast friend of the band, in 1960. John Lennon posed in the doorway of Jäger-Passage 1 as three blurry figures walked past him in the foreground. Those figures are McCartney, Harrison and Sutcliffe. The photograph was unearthed years later and became the iconic front cover of Lennon’s 1975 Rock ‘n’ Roll album.
When The Beatles returned to Hamburg in April1962 for their residency at the Star Club they were broken the news of bass player Stu Sutcliffe’s tragic premature death from an aneurysm. By the time of their second stint in November, Ringo Starr had become the group’s drummer, and the, now officially, Fab Four were big enough to warrant actual hotel rooms; first at the Germania (Detlev-Bremer-Strasse 8) and then at the Pacific (Neuer Pferdemarkt 30). Both hotels are still running and are a short stroll away from Heiligengeistfeld (Holy Ghost Field) where Astrid Kircherr, Sutcliffe’s German girlfriend, took the famous fairground photos at the Hamburger Dom that launched the new image she’d inspired them to adopt: collarless jackets and mop top haircuts.

John Lennon once bought a pig here, christened it Bruno after his boss at the Kaiserkeller, and chased it round the market causing such a commotion that someone called the cops. This time they weren’t arrested, or deported, but The Beatles’ love affair with Hamburg was in its final year anyway. They got back to where they once belonged, Liverpool, and recorded their first single, “Love Me Do.” The rest is history.