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What is important in life is life and not a result of life. –Goethe #rr01ohu

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (b. 1749 - d. 1832)

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

1749-1832. German poet, novelist and dramatist, author of “Faust”.

Tide to feed spiritual “We”s

The Night Shift - SOLD  (2009) by Lori Dunn

The Night Shift – SOLD (2009) by Lori Dunn – Nectar feeding bats in the desert are primary pollinators of giant cacti such as the saguaro and organ pipe cactus which are becoming rare.


We can feed Egotistic Weeds,
Strangling our Powers,
We can feed Spiritual “We’s”,
Liberating our Flowers.
— Tiwaz 20110821-1040 rr01ææe

rr (Rune Reading) 01 (Fehu). Note: “æ” in rr01ææe denote dæn Reflective Consciousness. Today’s ZeitGeist feeds our Reflective Consciousness with negative Thoughts. Our Squirrely Mind (æi) is activated & we find our selves Tranced Out chattering within, for Example, with our unapproving Parents. What we need to do through dæn Xoting is build up our Spiritual Muscles, to be able to concentrate (Dharana) & actualize our Positive Life Forces (rr01-Fehu), our “Flowers”. Der ability to focus on our Flowers pollinates them producing Fruit.

Dor Xoting is not Spiritual Engineering but Gardening. Watering Flowers not Weeds. Archetypes are Signs & Stages dos inherited Spiritual Seed sprouting, dos Organic Spiritual Growth to Cosmic Consciousness, Enlightenment, GodHead or from om Xoting POV – SILENCE-TO-BE.