Xoting is Gothic Mysticism. It is similar to Jung’s Alchemical Individuation Process & Yoga’s 8 Fold Path  to Enlightenment. D Xoting uses d Runes in a synchronistic Stead called d TIWAZ STEED similar to d Cabbala/Kabbalah Tree of Life to help unfold it’s Goal – “ToBe”.

The Xoting (Goting) is the indigenous spiritual process of Northern Europe, which erupts in the form of Gothic Architecture, Books, Music, Art and Movies through out the Ages. In today’s pop culture a New Ager would call his version of this process becoming “Enlightened”. In Jungian terms it would be called the “Individuation” Process where the Alchemical like Archetypes of Vampires, Witches, Wizards, etc. magically transform blood in to the “Exlire of Life” – mortals into “Immortals”. This is what happens to Paul Atreides, the protagonist of Dune, when he drinks the “Water of Life”. Transformed he cries out – “Father … Father the Sleeper has Awakened!” (See “Dune……The Water of Life (Alternate).)

In the medieval Judeo-Christian MATRIX this Xoting would be condemned as a heresy and Heretics where burned at the stake. Medieval mystics like Meister Eckhart may of transmuted this Xoting to more acceptable Christian terms like “turning to the Godhead” (note the similarity between God, Goth, Got, Gott) but he was still excommunicated by the Vatican. Directors like George Lucas of Star Wars tried to call it the “Force” but the Wachowski Brothers of the “Matrix” realized that the process of breaking out of this Matrix is taking the Red Pill — “turning to the Dark Side”, the Jungian Shadow, the Faustian Mephistopheles, following the God of Dreams – Morpheus. (See “marix-the pill“)

The Canadian psychiatrist Dr. Buck coined the modern term “Cosmic Consciousness“. The Zen Buddhists called it “Satori” and the Chinese called it “The Tao”. The Tibetan yoga Milarepa called it the “Dharamakaya”. In today’s culture the Xoting is best understood through the philosopher, arguably the greatest philosopher of the 20th century, Martin Heidegger. In Heideggarian terms I would simply call the process “the silence ToBe”. rro5ohh